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PAC News 17, 24th April 2018

By 25/04/2018Junior
Junior athletes at Poole AC

PAC contribution to Team Dorset at SAL 1

Attached you will find the PAC results from the first Southern match, held at Brighton on April 14. This gave a performance base-line on which athletes can build their season. Each SAL match has four clubs. The match result from Brighton was:  Brighton 211, TD 181, Horsham 164 and Guildford & G 151.

Note the number of  u17s PBs even early-season –  the result of winter work!

M200Jamie Paton B3/425.3W100Lizzie Gourlay A3/413.6
M400Elliot Hall B3/356.7W200Lizzie G A4/428
M800Jamie Grose A3/42-00.0Elloise Hartnell B2/428.1
M2KScJamie G A1/36-11.4WSPRuth Elkins A2/48.66m
MHJJames Hind A2/41.95mWDTRuth E A2/420.8
MSPAndrew Elkins A1/410.97WHTRuth E A2/435.53
Martyn Elkins B1/48.78WJTRuth E B3/419.55
MDTAndrew E A2/429.75W100Elloise Hns13.8
Martyn E B2/426.094x100Team Dorset4/454.1
MHTAndrew E A1/451.844x400Team Dorset1/44-14.8
Martyn E B1/434.76M100Marcus Pidgley T37ns14.2
MJTAndrew E A2/447.87Elliot Hallns12.6
Martyn E B3/421Jamie Patonns12.4
4x100Team Dorset2/447M200Marcus Pns30.3
4x400Team Dorset3/43-45.4Elliot Hallns25.2

Results from UKYDL LAG Match 1 at Crawley

Eleven PAC athletes produced 20 PBs in this Lower Age-Group match for Team Dorset at the K2 track in Crawley on 21/4/18. Together with Wimborne athletes (and one from Dorchester!), they performed valiantly, particularly where they attempted “strange” events. Next time, in Horsham on May 19, we will have a stronger team – partly due to the input from DAC, plus others who were not available this time. Ness and Gill (WAC) did a fantastic job on the day. We missed out as a team by NOT HAVING ENOUGH OFFICIALS OR ATHLETES!

200Louis Bourke A1/62775Jaya Collinson A4/611.2
LJLouis B A-NjMolly Pearce B5/611.9
U15B150Jaya C A3/622
100Edward Pearcens12.7LJJaya C A3/63.97m
200Edward P A5/626.8ShotMolly P B1/56.21m
1500Mark Ruby A3/64-52.1JavMolly P A4/614.56
ShotHarry Midgley A6/66.55mU15G
JavHarry M A2/629100Leah Watts B6/614.2
HammHarry M B2/313.97200Leah W B3/628.3
U15G75HSafia Stacey B1/613.3
300Heidi Taylor A2/645.1HJSafia Stacey A 5/61.40m
800Heidi Taylor A1/62-26.5ShotNiamh Kirwin A4/66.92m
1500Emily Parker A4/65-50.2DiscusNiamh Kirwin A5/615.13
75HEmily Parker A5/614.5JavNiamh Kirwin A6/610.70

Entries closing for Dorset County Champs

If you are in the age-groups u13 to Senior and have any intention of competing in the DCAA Championships at King’s Park on Sunday, May 13th. you need to enter by THIS FRIDAY, April 27th.   Do it BY POST on entry form from either the Bournemouth AC website; or from the Dorset County AA website The cost is £7-00 for one or more events.  The provisional Track and Field timetables are also on those sites so that you can spot clashes.  NO LATE ENTRIES!

There will be a County QuadKids competition later in the year.

Are you available?  First UKYDL UAG Match!

If you are in the u17 or u20 age-groups and have not yet been contacted by Mark Pauley – and you ARE available next Sunday, April 29th – please contact him urgently about competing for Team Dorset in the first Upper Age-group match at King’s Park next Sunday.  The match starts Field at 11.15 am. and Track 11.40 am.


Are you available?  First South-West League Match

This match for POOLE AC is at Exeter on Sunday, May 6th.  Age-groups are u13 to Senior.  Please contact Mark Pauley this week to express interest. The timetable is not yet available: as before some events will be in matches 1 and 3, and different events in matches 2 and 4. We need to start really well this year!  PLEASE HELP THE PAC TEAM!

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