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PAC News 19, 14th May 2019

By 15/05/2019Junior
Junior athletes at Poole AC

Huge improvements and multiple champions!

In the Dorset County Championships at King’s Park last Saturday, Poole AC athletes showed how much their winter work has helped them to progress.  Thus many achieved PBs and we have 36 champions!  In the older age-groups the numbers were disappointingly low, but you can only beat those who turn up.  In many cases PBs were achieved anyway! Note the two Championship Best Performances (CBPs) by Jaya Collinson! Club Records for Jaya (200) & Imogen Davis (Jav).

70HMegan Mowbray2/712.9
Lexi Lewin617.2
100Elizabeth Richley1/713.8
Ht.2Jaya Collinson213.8
Ht.3Olivia Bowen1/714.7
Lauren White516.1
FinalJaya Collinson (CBP)1/813.3
Elizabeth Richley213.4
Olivia Bowen313.9
200Jaya Collinson1/628
Ht.1Lexi Lewin331.4
Ht.2Elizabeth Richley1/628.7
Olivia Bowen531.2
FinalJaya Collinson (CBP)1/627.5
Elizabeth Richley228.1
Lexi Lewin531.1
800Nancy Taylor1/72-39.1
Isla McPhail42-50.4
Lexi Lewin62-53.8
1500Lexie Brown1/95-18.5
HJMegan Mowbray2/61.25m
LJJaya Collinson1/144.30m
Megan Mowbray33.77m
Nancy Taylor53.66m
Lauren White113.37m
100Alexandra Bryant2/312.8
Lizzie Gourlay313.7
200Alexandra Bryant2/325.7
Lizzie Gourlay329
100Georgina Stokes2/713.4
200HtLeah Watts2/527.3
Georgina Stokes327.4
FinalLeah Watts2/727.6
Georgina Stokes428.1
300Leah Watts2/443.3
LJGeorgina Stokes3/74.86m
Eleanor Mowbray44.71m
ShotMolly Pearce3/36.42m
JavMolly Pearce1/221.90m
100Fleur Mansell6/813.8
Sarah-Louise Hazell714.7
300Heidi Taylor2/744.4
Camilla Brown527.1
Isobel Rabjohns647.5
800Isobel Rabjohns2/52-30.3
Camilla Brown32-32.1
1500SCEmily Parker1/15-37.3
LJFleur Mansell2/44.97m
Sarah-Louise H44.05m
TJFleur Mansell2/410.67m
Niamh Kirwin39.41m
ShotCharlotte Piper1/29.75m
Niamh Kirwin29.04m
DiscusNiamh Kirwin1/123.64m
JavImogen Davis1/337.65m
Charlotte Piper233.08m
75HHarry Farley1/215.1
800Thomas Farley2/72-34.3
Henry Elliott62-45.7
1500Harry Farley2/95-07.1
Leo Riggs35-14.5
100Dan Sanchez1/511.9
200Dan Sanchez1/623.9
1500William Rabjohns1/54-30.1
Mark Ruby34-40.7
HJAlex Harris1/31.45m
JavHarry Midgley1/337.04m
ShotHarry Midgley1/17.85m
HammHarry Midgley1/218.38m
100Jamie Paton1/511.9
Sam Bowen211.9
Edward Pearce512.5
400Liam Nixon1/453.3
800Josh Smith1/32-04.4
200Liam Nixon1/523.8
Sam Bowen324.3
Jamie Paton425.2
Edward Pearce525.2
1500Josh Smith1/14-33.9
DiscOliver Cooper1/140.22m
110HAdam Booth1/115.8
200Adam Booth1/222.6
1500Ben Lewis1/44-10.9
HJCallum Jones1/21.75m
LJAdam Booth1/16.33m
TJCallum Jones1/112.09m
PVAdam Booth2/23.10m
100Marcus Pidgley T373/614.6
200Marcus Pidgley3/529.9
400Ciaran Dunnion1/150.5
110HRyan Long1/116.5
3KSChTom Austin1/29-28.9
HJMark Roach1/11.50m
LJMark Roach1/13.94m
JavRyan Long1/141.09m
HammMark Roach3/326.44m

It should be noted that a variable wind, sometimes up to a headwind for the sprinters of -4.4 m/s had a considerable effect during the cool day!

There is no automatic follow-on from these Championships to a higher level.  However County Team Managers will be inviting outstanding athletes to S-W Inter-Counties and South of England (SEAA) competitions later in the season.

PEDSSA Trials at Ashdown on Wednesday May 8th

This is not an exhaustive report on those District Trials.  Successful athletes will be entered by Poole and East Dorset Schools into the Dorset Schools’ Championships to be held at King’s Park on June 8th.  Contacts are through the schools. The cool wind was a major factor and distraction throughout.  The results were circulated to schools.  Suffice to say that Poole AC athletes had a significant say in the results!

UKYDL Lower Age-Group (LAG) Match 2

This will be staged at Ashdown next Saturday, May 18th from 11.30 am to 4.30 pm.  This is a Team Dorset match but 19 PAC athletes are involved.  Your enthusiastic support is welcome!

NOTE: There will be no track training on Saturday.

Southern League Match 2 at Winchester May 19

If you are u17 or older and keen and available, please contact Dave Pearson. This is another Team Dorset fixture and transport can be available.

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