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PAC News 20, 17th May 2018

By 18/05/2018March 24th, 2024Junior
Junior athletes at Poole AC

The main part of the News contains the results from SWAL 1 at Exeter on May 6th.   Since then we have had the County Championships at King’s Park where a number of PAC athletes became multi-County-champions (but only for Dorset !)  More news and results from that next week.

In the meantime we have a busy weekend coming. On Saturday, the Team Dorset LAG (u13 and u15) team travels to Horsham for Match 2. We thank those who have committed to competing and whose parents have committed to supporting in various ways! We will be strong!

Then on Sunday, we welcome seven other teams to Ashdown to take part in a Southern League (for u17s and Seniors) double-header! As the News tells you, the field events start at 11.00 am and the track at 12.15 pm. Your family support will be very welcome!

Please don’t forget the Beach BBQ on Bank Holiday Monday.

Results from SWAL I at Exeter May 6th.

U13G100Jaya Collinson4/1014.02
U13GElizabeth Richley7/1014.78
U13G200Molly Pearce5/833.07
U13GElizabeth R2/532.57
U13G70HJaya C5/714.27
U13GMegan Mowbray3/714.34
U13GHJElizabeth R131.10m
U13GMegan M141.10m
U13GLJJaya C83.86m
U13GMegan M93.85m
U13GShotMolly P3/226.72m
U13GJavMolly P4/1015.71
U15G200Leah Watts2/828.87
U15GCharlotte Smith831.37
U15GNiamh Kirwin (as u17)30.76
U15G300Isobel Rabjohns7/849.79
U15GCharlotte S5/751.02
U15GHeidi Taylor (as u17)3/646.78
U15G1500Ashia Wilson1/215-07.87
U15GIsobel R95-27.06
U15GHJSafia Stacey7/231.40m
U15GAshia W1.15m
U15GLJSafia S11/154.14m
U15GLeah W124.09m
U15GTJNiamh K (as u17)4/99.34m
U15GHeidi T (as u17)68.74m
U15GShotNiamh K (as u17)7/106.23m
U17W200Elloise Hartnell7/728.93
U17WKatie Corbin6/730.12
U17W300Imogen Davis6/648.85
U17W400Demi-Marie Goddard4/666.52
U17W1500Demi-Marie G5/145-17.47
U17WFern Kimber3/114-59.99
U17WShotElloise H6/106.92m
U17WDemi-Marie G14/175.66m
U17WKatie C174.60m
U17WTJKatie C8/139.42m
U17WJavImogen D1/734.92
SW100HLizzie Gourlay7/820.58
U13B200Thomas Langley8/832.57
U13B1500Thomas L13/155-54.58
U13BShotThomas L14/154.01m
U15B200Edward Pearce5/826.81
U15BLewis Arnold628.42
U15B300Liam Nixon2/740.86
U15BJosh Smith441.81
U15B1500Josh S1/164-26.30
U15BLiam N54-49.16
U15BLJEdward P3/85.09m
U15BDiscLewis A9/1113.84
U15BHammLewis A5/611.98
U17M200Elliot Hall4/625.32
U17MJamie Paton4/526.17
U17M400Elliot Hl6/757.18
U17MJamie P6/662.68
U17M100HAdam Booth2/614.06
U17MLloyd Arnold516.9
U17MPVAdam B5/62.45m
U17MTJLewis Naptin5/910.99
U17MJavLloyd A10/1020.34
U20M400Tom Casson5/557.09
U20MCallum Jones3/458.33
U20MLJCallum J5/85.10m
U20MShotTom C4/47.36m
SM200Guy Perkins5/824.99
SMRichard Reeks3/624.61
SMRichard Wheeler1/426.01
SM400Richard W7/766.89
SMGuy P5/853.96
SM1500Jamie Grose1/184-16.64
SMGuy P74-38.43
SM110HRichard R1/616.41
SM2KSCJamie G1/66-09.06
SMLJRichard R65.37m
SMRichard W123.72m
SMPVRichard R2=3.00m
SMDiscRichard R137.15

Other results

U15B 300 Edward Pearce 2/6 43.04
SW 100H Lizzie Gourlay 7/8 20.58
SM Discus Richard Wheeler 5 23.22
SM Hammer Richard Reeks 1 23.53
SM Richard Wheeler 2 21.63

Please note that Katie, Demi, Niamh and Heidi all competed out of their own age-groups at some point.

As mentioned before, great credit to those and to any who tackled an unfamiliar event, e.g. Hammer, safely and was able to generate good points for the team.

The team result shows PAC in fifth out of the 12 clubs. With more athletes filling the gaps next time we need to get up into the top three by half-way.

Top 6

  1. Taunton 1817
  2. Newquay & Par 1537
  3. Wimborne 1434.5
  4. Cornwall 1315
  5. PAC 1238.5
  6. Newton Abbott 1195.5

The other six clubs involved finished in the order: Exeter, Armada, Yeovil, Mendip, North Devon, and Dorchester.

Southern League Match 2  (Ashdown May 20)

If you are available and not yet contacted, please let Dave Pearson know a.s.a.p.  If you are free, please come and support.  Field from 11.00 am.  Track from 12.15 pm.

Make a note: SWAL 2 June 6th. Be ready!

For all upcoming Junior events, please see our events calendar >>

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