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PAC News 23, 5th June 2018

By 06/06/2018Junior, Senior

Two more new Club endurance Records!

In the BMC races at Exeter on May 29, William Rabjohns set a new u13B 800 record winning his graded race in 2-13.80. And 2-13.47 in SWAL2!  Next night, in a graded race at Watford, Josh Smith set a new u15B 1500 record with 4-18.77. These, and other PBs at those meetings, are rewards for work athletes have put into their training!

Some outstanding performances in SWAL 2!

We took a depleted team to Exeter on Sunday. In the dry heat, a number produced excellent performances and many tried a range of new events to gain extra points for the PAC team. Herewith the first part of these results:

100 R1Jaya Collinson2/914.01
R4Molly Pearce6/816
R5Elizabeth Richley1/714.75
200 R1Elizabeth Richley4/732.37
R3Mia Riley4/833.06
R5Jaya Collinson1/729.32
4x100 2Team4/659.09
HJElizabeth Richley8/241.20m
Lola Riley221.10m
LJJaya Collinson10/433.84m
Mia Riley263.35m
Lola Riley333.18m
Molly Pearce402.95m
ShotMolly Pearce6/256.62m
Mia Riley175.56m
100 R1Leah Watts6/814.23
R3Sarah-Louise Hazell6/614.85
R4Niamh Kirwin5/615.07
200 R2Heidi Taylor4/828.86
R4Sarah-Louise Hazell6/831.38
800 R2Heidi Taylor1/72-29.38
R3Isobel Rabjohns1/72-31.38
4x100 2Team3/456.63
LJLeah Watts15/273.91m
Sarah-Louise Hazell223.57m
ShotNiamh Kirwin12/227.44m
Heidi Taylor206.07m
Isobel Rabjohns224.94m
100 R1Katie Corbin6/814.25
200 R1Katie Corbin7/833.35
800 R2Ashia Wilson u152/62-27.84
LJKatie Corbin8/124.02m
3000Mark Ruby8/1310-43.9
100 R2Lizzie Gourlay6/713.66
200 R1Alex Bryant2/725.7
R3Maddie V-Johncey3/728.13
Lizzie Gourlay528.76
800 R2Maddie V-Johncey7/73-06.05
400HR1Maddie V-Johncey4/673.69
LJAlex Bryant7/134.42m
Lizzie Gourlay114.10m
Maddie V-Johncey126.50m
100 R2Louis Bourke1/913.75
200 R2William Rabjohns1/728.22
Louis Bourke1/726.95
800 R1William Rabjohns1/82-13.47
LJLouis Bourke2/284.38m
William Rabjohns133.89m
100 R1Edward Pearce6/812.62
R2Cameron Corbin8/817.17
200 R2Edward Pearce5/826.31
800 2Connor Corbin8/92-39.14
HJConnor Corbin12/181.35m
Jack Evans151.30m
TJConnor Corbin11/148.58m
ShotJack Evans14/186.52m
Cameron Corbin165.27m
JavJack Evans12/1917.32m
100 R1Jamie Paton5/712.62
R2Lewis Arnold5/513.85
200 R1Jamie Paton5/825.35
LJJamie Paton6/95.11m
Lewis Arnold94.43m
DiscusOliver Cooper5/1331.83m
HammLewis Arnold8/99.96m
DiscusNiamh Kirwin10/2016.10m
Isobel Rabjohns2010.47m
100Elliot Hall u178/812.48
200 R1Elliot Hall u174/524.9
100 R1Ryan Long3/611.76
R2Marcus Pidgley8/814.27
200 R2Jamie Grose4/626.43
R3Marcus Pidgley5/729.55
800 R2Jamie Grose4/62-11.5
ShotRyan Long2/1310.82m
Marcus Pidgley126.50m
JavJamie Grose15/1516.98m
DiscusRuth Elkins3/1422.48m
HammRuth Elkins4/1535.57m
Lizzie Gourlay1414.66m


UAG in Brighton May 27th

No results available yet!


Next matches:-

Sunday June 10th at Portsmouth.
This is the next WESSEX match for u11s to u17s.  Huge numbers can compete so THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO TRY !    We specially need the under-11s to try QUAD KIDS!   If you can spare the time, please contact Peter Cornes to enter YOUR ATHLETE. Transport available.

Sunday June 17th at Ashdown!
This is the next YDL Lower Age-Group (LAG) for u13s and u15s. This is a Team Dorset match with selected teams: we NEED YOUR SUPPORT AND HELP – First events are at 11.30 on Track and Field.  PLEASE COME!

Sunday June 24th at Ashdown!
This is another Wessex match for u11s to u17s.  Your chance to test yourself AT HOME!  Contact Peter Cornes at training.

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