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PAC News 24, 18th June 2019

By 19/06/2019May 10th, 2022Junior
Junior athletes at Poole AC

3 S-W Champions & 5 picked for Birmingham!

Following the South-West Schools’ Inter-Counties Championships at Exeter on Saturday, June 15, five PAC athletes have been selected to compete for Dorset Schools at the ESAA “All-England” Championships in Birmingham on July 12/13. Overall, 17 from PAC competed for Dorset in Exeter and they achieved three gold, two silver and two bronze by their performances.

Fleur Mansell broke her own U17 (IG) T J Club Record with 11.15m. She is one of those heading for Birmingham. The others are Dan Sanchez (JB 100), Emily Parker (IG 1500 S/Chase – also broke her Club Record), Ashia Wilson (IG 800), and Ben Lewis (SB 2000 S/Chase). (For ref. Jun = u15; Inter = u17.)

The constant, strong (illegal!) wind affected performances pro and con and winter clothing (for some of the time) was appropriate! But it stayed dry!

Note those who managed PBs in spite of the weather!

JG100 2Leah Watts5/613.33
JG200 FGeorgina Stokes5/627.19
JGLJGeorgina S9/164.85m
IG800 FAshia Wilson1/112-18.33
IG800 FCamilla Brown102-30.01
IG1500 FIsobel Rabjohns7/75-03.83
IG1500S/CEmily Parker1/105-15.81
IGDiscusNiamh Kirwin3/725.86m
IGJavelinImogen Davis7/1134.88m
IGJavelinCharlotte Piper930.84m
IGTriple JFleur Mansell2/811.15m
JB100 1Dan Sanchez1/611.45
JBFDan S2/811.37
JB1500 FWilliam Rabjohns6/124-24.77
JBJavelinHarry Midgley6/934.24m
IB400 FLiam Nixon3/752.71
IB1500 FJosh Smith6/124-09.21
IBDiscusOliver Cooper6/1036.99m
SB2000S/CBen Lewis1/36-13.23

Big win for Team Dorset in SAL3 at Ashdown

The home Southern League Match 3 was staged in cool, dry conditions with a gusting, strong SW wind which helped in the home straight but had to be fought on the back straight! A relatively big team, supported by a number of U17s, had many winners and a significant overall victory. (The opposition were Poole Runners, Andover, Plymouth, Havant, and Team Kennet.)

Upcoming matches:

  • UK YDL LAG Match 3 at King’s Park on Sat. June 22nd. The team has been selected and circulated.  All support welcome!
  • UKYDL UAG Match 3 at King’s Park on Sat. June 29th.  Contact Mark Pauley if u17 or u20, available and interested!

SAL 3 Poole AC results

400 ACiaran Dunnion1/650.4
400 BAdam Booth1/551.8
800 AJosh Smith1/62-02.6
800 BGuy Perkins1/42-07.4
5000Rhys Bennett4/617-54.0
Shot AAndrew Elkins4/610.24m
Disc BRichard Wheeler2/520.91m
Jav BAdam B2/641.09m
Ham ARichard W3/624.96m
4x100Ed P/Jamie P +22/646.5
4x400Josh/Ciar/Adam +11/53-34.8
100 n/sJamie Paton12.1
100 n/sRichard W14
100 n/sMarcus Pidgely T3714.4
200 n/sJamie P25.2
200 n/sRichard W27
200 n/sMarcus P T3729.7
Shot n/sRichard W7.84m
100 AAlexandra Bryant2/512.5
100 BSteffi Wilson1/512.7
200 AAlexandra B1/625.4
200 BSteffi W1/426.7
400 AAlexandra B3/560.9
800 AAshia Wilson3/52-22.2
800 BIsobel Rabjohns1/42-26.4
100H AMaddy V-Johncey1/118.2
400H AMaddy V-J1/472.1
LJ BAlexandra B2/44.00m
Jav AImogen Davis2/632.28m
4x100Stef/Alex/LizG +11/551.4
4x400Stef/Alex +22/54-23.9
100 n/sLizzy Gourlay13.2
200 n/sMaddy VJ27.7
200 n/sLizzy G28
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