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PAC News 26, 26th June 2018

By 27/06/2018Junior
Junior athletes at Poole AC

Adam’s six PBs in S-E Schools’ Octathlon!

Adam Booth competed for Hampshire Schools in the S-E Schools’ Combined Events Inter Boys’ Octathlon at Ashford last weekend.  On Day 1 he produced PBs in all four events (Discus, LJ, Javelin, 400).  Day 2 brought another PB in the 1500 final event. Near-bests in 100H, HJ and Shot gave him a total of 4097 points, another best. This passes a significant milestone inasmuch as it means an average of 500+ per event, a basic standard for multi-eventers! Again it gives him reward for the dedication and work he puts in every week.


Great effort in Wessex 3 by keen team!

All the PAC athletes who competed for the club last Sunday at Ashdown did so with enthusiasm and felt the “home advantage”!  New members added surprising performances and welcome points. Overall PAC finished 3rd of the six teams.  NFJ won.

QuadKids scores from Wessex 3 at Ashdown 24/06

Huge number of PBs especially from the new members.

Name75m (points)600m (points)LJ (pts)Howler (points)TotalComment
Ellie Etheridge14.2 (28)2-44.9 (25)2.52 (20)10.37 (20)93
Faye Ball12.2 (48)2-11.6 (58)3.31 (47)25.82 (51)2044th girl/40
Freya Woollard12.1 (49)2-09.8 (60)3.24 (44)17.70 (35)188
Lola House12.4 (46)2-19.8 (50)2.98 (36)16.78 (33)165
Nancy Taylor12.2 (48)1-57.9 (72)3.23 (44)19.84 (39)2035th girl
Olivia Bowen11.1 (59)2-16.8 (53)3.27 (45)21.39 (42)1996th girl
Best 4 total 794Second overall G team
Edwin Langley11.1 (59)1-56.4 (73)4.11 (73)34.33 (68)2731st boy
Eli James Nairn13.5 (35)2-28.6 (41)1.61 (10)19.75 (39)125
Ethan Crowley13.2 (38)2-06.2 (63)3.05 (38)27.99 (55)194
Harry Farley11.5 (55)1-54.1 (75)3.48 (52)26.28 (52)2349th boy
Henry Elliott12.7 (43)2-01.8 (68)2.84 (31)20.67 (41)183
Joseph Power12.0 (50)2-03.5 (66)3.21 (43)18.05 (36)195
Josh Bishop12.3 (47)2-05.1 (64)3.02 (37)22.28 (44)192
Monty Spence13.6 (34)2-28.0 (42)2.45 (18)20.86 (41)135
Ollie Crowe11.5 (55)1-53.7 (76)3.47 (52)29.53 (59)2426th boy=
Thomas Farley11.4 (56)1-49.7 (80)3.60 (56)25.32 (50)2426th boy =
Best 4 total 991Winning overall B team

Match top two Quadkids:

  1. New Forest 1803 pts
  2. Poole AC    1785 pts

Wessex 3 Main Match Results 24/06/18

100Jaya Collinson A3/514.2
200Jaya Collinson A2/528.7
Poppy Overton B4/435.2
800Poppy Overton A3/53-00.9
LJJaya Collinson1/54.30m
200Elizabeth Richleyn/s31.6
100Leah Watts A5/513.8
Sarah-Louise Hazell B3/514.1
Sophia Horwoodn/s14.7
Claudia W-Wallacen/s15.0
200Leah Watts A5/628.4
Sarah-L H B4/530.1
Claudia W-Wallacen/s30.0
Emily Colen/s35.1
300Heidi Taylor A2/545.5
Ashia Wilson B1/445.5
Sophia Horwoodn/s48.4
800Ashia Wilson A1/52-26.5
Heidi Taylor B1/52-25.7
Emily Colen/s3-21.6
1500Isobel Rabjohns A3/45-11.4
HJSophia H A1/41.35m
100Fleur Mansell A3/313.8
Ella Ruby B1/14.3
200Emily Jeffries A3/329.3
Katie Corbin B1/130.0
80HElla Ruby A1/213.0
LJFleur Mansell A1/14.62m
JavImogen Davis A1/36.87
100Jamie Paton A1/212.2
200Jamie Paton A2/225.9
400Aurelio Calipa A1/257.6
800Aurelio Calipa A1/22-11.5
1500Zac Cloete A1/24-39.9
LJMatt Forde A2/45.32m
DiscOliver Cooper A1/435.55
Matt Forde B1/122.07
100Teagan B-Williams B4/415.6
Ollie Woollardn/s14.6
Thomas Langleyn/s15.5
200Louis Bourke A1/526.7
William Rabjohns B1/528.1
Leo Riggsn/s33.3
800William Rabjohns A1/42-16.2
Leo Riggs B1/42-28.6
Finn Wilden/s2-42.6
Thomas Langleyn/s2-46.3
75HCallum McGinley A1/414.8
HJAlex Harris A3/41.20m
Callum McG B2/21.20m
LJTeagan B-W A4/43.45m
Ollie Woollardn/s4.01m
ShotThomas Langley A2/25.97m
DIscCallum McG A3/412.96
JavAlex Harris A4/519.95
Finn Wilden/s16.85
100Dan Sanchez A1/412.1
200Liam Nixon A1/424.5
George Farley B2/230.0
Jack Evansn/s28.5
300Liam Nixon A1/540.1
Dan Sanchez B1/439.2
1500Mark Ruby A3/4-48.0
Finn Pardy B2/5-05.4
80HConnor Corbin A3/14.8
HJJack Evans A2/21.45m
Connor Corbin B1/21.40m
LJConnor Corbin A3/34.12m
George Farley B2/33.69m
DiscDan Sanchez A2/226.85
Jack Evans B1/116.98
JavHarry Midgley A2/34.20

Please note the excellent Club records by Olivia, Edwin and Imogen.

Also note the contribution by the u17s, the large numbers of PBs, and many athletes taking advantage of being non-scorers to produce good performances.  Thanks to all and to the clement weather!


Results Catch-up

UKYDL UAG Match 2 at Brighton, May 25 

100 AEdward Bettley-Smith4/412.6
BAdam Booth3/512.2
200 BEdward Bettley-Smith1/225.8
100HAAdam Booth1/314.1
BLloyd Arnold1/216.5
400HALloyd Arnold2/460.9
4x100Adam/Lloyd/Ed + 12/248.2
Shot AEdward Bettley-Smith3/38.23m
Disc AOliver Cooper1/435.72
BLloyd Arnold2/222.26
Jav BAdam Booth2/232.93
100 BElloise Hartnell2/314.0
200 BElloise Hartnell2/428.5
4x100Elloise + 33/355.8
Jav AImogen Davis2/432.60
100 A?4/414.2
100 ATom Casson1/411.4
Shot ATom Casson2/27.03m
Disc ATom Casson3/318.04


Wessex YAL 2 at Portsmouth, June 10

100 ALouis Bourke1/513.4
BThomas Langley1/315.0
200 ALouis Bourke1/528.1
BWilliam Rabjohns1/527.9
800 AThomas Langley4/52-50.7
1500 AWilliam Rabjohns1/64-32.7
LJ ALouis Bourke1/54.68m
Shot AThomas Langley4/44.96m
100 ALiam Nixon1/512.3
BGeorge Farley3/514.7
200 ALiam Nixon1/624.5
BMark Ruby3/529.9
300 ALiam Nixon1/638.9
1500 AMark Ruby3/54-48.3
HJ AJack Evans5/51.25m
LJ AGeorge Farley5/63.78m
Shot AHarry Midgley5/56.52m
BMark Ruby3/45.55m
Disc AJack Evans4/418.33
BHarry Midgley3/416.18
JavHarry Midgley3/631.58
100 AJamie Paton4/512.7
BMatt Forde3/313.3
200 AJamie Paton4/425.1
LJ AMatt Forde2/34.98m
DiscMatt Forde1/226.48
100 AJaya Collinson3/614.3
BMegan Mowbray4/615.9
200 AJaya Collinson3/628.7
BMegan Mowbray5/532.9
70H AMegan Mowbray4/613.7
LJ AJaya Collinson3/63.77m
BGrace Crowe1/63.54m
100 ALeah Watts4/514.0
BSarah-Louise Hazell5/514.7
200 ALeah Watts4/628.6
BSarah-Louise Hazell3/430.9
300 AIsobel Rabjohns5/548.9
BNiamh Kirwin2/449.1
800 AIsobel Rabjohns2/2-33.8
BEmily Cole3/33-19.5
1500 AAshia Wilson1/44-56.6
LJ ALeah Watts5/53.98m
BSarah-Louise Hazell2/33.86m
Shot ANiamh Kirwin5/57.49m
BIsobel Rabjohns3/34.55m
Disc ANiamh Kirwin4/516.85
100 AElloise Hartnell4/514.4
200 AElloise Hartnell3/528.0
BElla Ruby1/328.8
80H AElla Ruby1/213.3
LJ AElloise Hartnell3/44.04m
BImogen Davis2/23.84m
Jav AImogen Davis2/433.78


U-11s QuadKids at Wessex YAL 2 at Portsmouth, June 10

Name75m (pts.)600m. (pts.)LJ (pts.)Howler (pts.)TotalPosition
Edwin Langley11.4 (56)1-58.9 (71)3.99m (69)33.97 (67)2631
Ollie Crowe12.0 (50)1-59.7 (70)3.52 (54)36.39 (72)2463
Thomas Farley11.7 (53)1-56.0 (74)3.43 (51)26.32 (52)230
Harry Farley11.6 (54)1-49.8 (80)3.28 (46)22.31 (44)224
Ethan Crowley13.5 (35)2-07.2 (62)2.78 (69)27.55 (55)181
Monty Spence13.8 (32)2-26.0 (44)2.39 (16)22.61 (45)137
Beatrice Hamblin13.2 (38)2-23.3 (46)2.61 (23)7.97 (15)122
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