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PAC News 27, 9th July 2019

By 10/07/2019Junior
Junior athletes at Poole AC

Great effort by PAC at Exeter in SWAL 2!

On a mild, almost windless, then chilly day at Exeter Arena on Sunday (July 7), our athletes worked hard to improve our ranking in the South-West League.

A number of relatively new athletes played their part in gaining points.  Many PBs!

Apologies:   This is the first tranche of results.  The Seniors in due course.

100 1Jaya Collinson1/813.65
3Faye Ball4/715.49
5Lauren White2/615.82
Morgan S-Watson617.33
200 1Jaya Collinson2/728.16
2Lexi Lewin6/633.01
3Faye Ball7/832.29
5Morgan S-Watson5/536.48
800 2Freya Woollard2/92-48.52
Lexi Lewin63-08.04
HJFaye Ball8=/151.15m
Morgan S-Watson141.00m
LJJaya Collinson3/324.22m
Freya Woollard133.80m
Lauren White253.33m
Morgan S-Watson322.85m
ShotFreya Woollard13/205.28m
100 1Leah Watts5/813.37
Georgina Stokes613.46
200 1Leah Watts2/827.81
Georgina Stokes328.15
2Sophia Horwood6/629.9
800 2Sophia Horwood4/82-37.47
LJGeorgina Stokes4/244.78m
Sophia Horwood194.08m
ShotMolly Pearce11/187.25m
800Isobel Rabjohns2/82-26.92
100 1Caleb Cheng2/713.62
2Ollie Woollard3/814.16
200 2Caleb Cheng1/628.56
3Jayden Coombes5/632.5
800 2Jayden Cheng6/112-44.06
George Bloomfield72-50.32
Harry Bloomfield113-05.72
HJMonty Spence15/151.10m
LJOllie Woollard3/294.54m
Caleb Cheng193.77m
Jayden Cheng233.49m
Monty Spence292.89m
ShotMonty Spence16/184.22m
100 1Dan Sanchez4/711.54
200 1Dan Sanchez2/623.53
2Jack Evans5/825.74
800 1William Rabjohns2/72-05.74
HJJack Evans8/121.45m
Alex Harris111.40m
TJJack Evans2/1210.76m
Alex Harris98.81m
Harry Drew127.32m
ShotJonty Spence12/124.76m
JavHarry Drew11/1315.13m
Jonty Spence1212.95m
100 2Edward Pearce3/812.45
200 2Edward Pearce2/725.31
100Adam Booth1/611.31
200Adam Booth1/522.66
DiscAdam Booth2/732.43m

Team Result of Match 2

  1. Taunton   2199
  2. Wimborne   2151.5
  3. Newquay/P   1801.5
  4. Armada   1617.5
  5. Exeter   1460.5
  6. PAC   1433.5

Out of 12 teams.

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