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PAC News 28, 16th July 2019

By 17/07/2019Junior, Senior

The news of PAC at ESAA in Birmingham!

They arrived in Birmingham on Thursday, July 11, part of an enormous event involving thousands of athletes. They became, from 10.00 am Friday, part of a non-stop momentum with up to five events happening at the same time for seven hours for two days!  It was typically impressive but, for some, overawing and causing some to feel like observers – although they, as athletes, were really the centre of attention.  Officials were excellent but unobtrusive. Stunning!

In that theatre we had eight athletes: they had mixed fortunes – but all had been selected on merit and deserved to be there! Emily Parker (IG 1500 S/Ch) ran well and pushed for 5th but came a close 6th, breaking her own Club Record.

Ben Lewis, running on a track with an outside water-jump only 150m from the start, fell on the ramp, slipped again, pressed on from near the back and led again: but that effort took its toll and he finished a determined 6th.  What might have been?  Adam Booth, competing for Hampshire Schools, qualified for his 110H final. Dan Sanchez just missed qualifying but set a legal PB in the JB 200.  Will and Ashia pushed initially but could not sustain the pace. Fleur landed badly from the step phase of her first TJ and could not jump with any confidence. Imogen was disappointed with her throws.  Much to learn!

(Key: JB= u15, IG = u17, SB and SG = u20)

200 HtDan Sanchez3/623.39
1500 FWilliam Rabjohns9/164-25.09
110H HtAdam Booth4/814.72
FAdam Booth8/814.85
2K S/CBen Lewis6/106-16.17
800 HtAshia Wilson7/92-24.27
1500SCEmily Parker6/165-14.52
JavelinImogen Davis20/2131.11m
TJumpFleur Mansell--

Catch-up for Seniors from SWAL 2 on July 7th

100 1Ciaran Dunnion2/711.94
2Jamie Grose6/813.13
Richard Wheeler713.35
200 1Ciaran Dunnion6/623.7
3Jamie Grose3/726.51
Richard Wheeler427.35
800 1Ciaran Dunnion2/72-02.31
Jamie Grose52-04.04
5000Jamie Grose6/1316-36.21
Rhys Bennett918-30.33
400HCiaran Dunnion3/662.42
Jamie Grose466.19
HJMark Roach7/131.50m
Jamie Grose81.35m
Richard Wheeler131.10m
TJJamie Grose11/138.76m
ShotRichard Wheeler9/167.06m
Jamie Grose146.05m
JavRichard Wheeler15/1825.67m
Jamie Grose1821.75m
100 1Alexandra Bryant4/712.74
Steffi Bennett612.87
3Lizzie Gourlay1/613.62
200 1Alexandra Bryant3/726.27
Steffi Bennett627.06
2Lizzie Gourlay8/829.15
3Maddy V-Johncey1/628.11
800Maddy V-J9/92-51.72
3000Steffi Bennett13-28.82
Maddy V-J13-43.01
400H 1Maddy V-Johncey5/671.38
2Lizzie Gourlay4/684.32
Alexandra Bryant589.21
Long JAlexandra Bryant6/164.22m
Lizzie Gourlay74.19m
Steffi Bennett104.08m
DiscusMaddy V-J9/1616.15m
Steffi Bennett1314.60m
HammMaddy V-J7/1318.06m
Lizzie Gourlay1112.62m

First news from Wessex 4 at Sandown

A reasonable-sized team travelled on minibus, car and ferry to the Isle of Wight on Sunday, July 14. There were four athletes in the QuadKids events.   Their results (with many PBs) follow:-

Name75 (pts)600 (pts)LJ (pts)Howler (pts)TotalRank
Mahlia-Pia Johnson12.2 (48)2-25.9 (44)2.72m (27)12.15m (24)14320/37
Ethan Crowley13.1 (39)2-07.7 (62)3.42m (50)39.36m (78)2293/25
Elouan Biwole11.2 (58)2-17.1 (52)3.49m (53)32.68m (65)2284
Oliver Harrison13.1 (39)2-00.0 (70)2.92m (34)12.23m (24)16717

Other results from Sandown will follow.

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