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PAC News 30, 30th July 2019

By 31/07/2019May 10th, 2022Junior, ParaAthletics, Senior
Junior athletes at Poole AC

Bumper response to Poole’s Open invitation!

A great response brought a good number of athletes to compete in the Poole AC Open at Ashdown, in the sun, on Friday evening. A noisy and enthusiastic audience watched excellent competition and outstanding performances. The County QuadKids competition attracted over thirty U11s, the majority of whom completed their four events. Best for PAC were Seni and Ethan, both of whom won silver County medals. Later, finishing after 9.30pm, 11 athletes began the County 10K. Nine finished. Best for PAC were Andrew and Emma (with Dorset County medals TBC). And thanks to the patient officials who stayed to validate their efforts!

There were a number of “mixed” events, the results of which have been split into age-groups. Results follow. PBs as usual. QuadKids (PAC) results. (D2 = Dorset Silver medals)

Name75m (pts)600m (pts)LJ (pts)Howler (pts)TotalComment
Ethan Crowley12.7 (43)2-05.1 (64)3.25m (45)43.13m (86)2382/10 D2
Jamie Kirby14.5 (25)2-32.5 (37)2.01m (10)10.67m (21)9310
Harry Williams11.3 (57)2-03.5 (66)3.60m (56)-179/3
Oliver Nyathi-2-05.2 (64)2.98m (36)26.45m (52)152/3
Euan McPhail12.8 (42)-2.45m (18)16.15m (32)92/3
Seni Purnell11.8 (52)2-09.2 (60)3.24m (44)24.17m (48)2043/18 D2
Izzy Garavini11.9 (51)2-07.9 (62)3.11m (40)14.75m (29)1826
Mali Ballingall12.4 (46)2-05.7 (64)3.08m (39)15.99m (31)1807
Beatrice Hamblin12.1 (49)2-09.7 (60)3.31m (47)10.69m (21)1778
Mahlia-Pia Johnson12.2 (48)2-19.8 (50)3.22m (44)14.67m (29)1719=
Grace Upshall12.7 (43)2-10.5 (59)2.81m (30)13.33m (26)15812=
Lily-Paige Littlewood13.0 (40)2-43.2 (26)3.12m (40)13.25m (26)13216
Mya Granville12.7 (43)2-40.7 (29)2.63m (24)15.97m (31)12717
Alice-Louise Kirby15.0 (20)2-47.9 (22)1.89m (10)11.18m (22)7418
Other results
U13G100 R1Olivia Bowen3/414.3
U13GR2Isla McPhail4/415.7
U13G200 R1Olivia B1/431.8
U13GR2Nancy Taylor3/430.5
U13G800Lexie Brown2/62-35.7
U13G800Isla McP42-46.5
U13G800Freya Woollard52-54.4
U13GLJFreya W2/93.85m
U13GShotOlivia B1/57.22m
U15G100Georgina Stokes1/313
U15G100Leah Watts213.3
U15G200Georgina S1/327.1
U15G300Leah W1/143.5
U15GLJGeorgina S1/44.73m
U17W100Sarah-Louise Hazell4/414.8
U17W800Isobel Rabjohns3/62-28.0
U17W800Camilla Brown42-29.1
U17WHJNiamh Kirwin1/11.35m
U17WShotNiamh K1/29.74m
U17WDiscusNiamh K2/223.50m
U17WLJSarah-Louise H1/13.93m
SW100Steffi Bennett12.7
SW100Alexandra Bryant12.8
SW200Alexandra B26
SW200Steffi B26.1
SW10KEmma Jones2/248-00.8
SWHammEmma J D22/530.55m
SM10KAndrew Ridley D13/736-31.8
SM10KPaul Ballingall D2539-33.3
SM10KRob Wickham741-27.4
U15BM MileMark Ruby3/94-58.5
SMM MilePaul Ballingall45-08.8
U13BM MileLeo Riggs55-48.5
W/Ch100Kevin Walker1/118.9
W/Ch200Kevin W1/135.1
U13B100Ollie Woollard2/314.1
U13B100Teagan B-Williams315
U13B200Ollie W1/428.9
U13B200Billy Godden331.6
U13B800Henry Cornish1/52-35.0
U13BLJOllie W1/24.26m
U13BShotBilly G1/59.41m
U13BDiscusBilly G1/326.16m
U15B100Dan Sanchez1/511.7
U15B200Dan S1/123.5
U15B300William Rabjohns1/242
U15B800William R1/12-11.8
U15BHJJack Evans1/31.60m
U15BHJAlex Harris2/31.50m
U15BLJJack E1/45.18m
U15BLJAlex H43.92m
U17M100Sam Bowen11.9
U17M100Jamie Paton12.4
U17M200Sam B24.4
U17MShotSam B2/29.03m
U20M100Adam Booth11.4
U20M100Elliott Hall12.5
U20M200Elliott H25.2
U20M400Tom Casson3/454.9
U20MHJAdam B1/11.76m
U20MLJElliott H1/15.32m
SM100 R1Paul Ballingall4/512.1
SM100 R2Richard Wheeler2/513.2
SM100 R2Oliver Dukes313.5
SM100 R2Marcus Pidgley414.5
SM200 R1Richard W2/526.5
SM200 R1Oliver D427.7
SM200 R1Marcus P530.1
SM200 R2Paul B3/424.8
W/ChS JavZoe Cluley1/15.04m

Six PAC athletes competed for Dorset in U13s SIC

Six of our athletes competed for Dorset at the annual Southern Inter-Counties U13 fixture at Kingston on Saturday, July 27th. The events were split into A and B, then each into two groups. A high head-wind seriously affected the sprinters.


G100 A1Jaya Collinson4/713.83
G100 B1Elizabeth Richley3/713.77
G200 A2Jaya C1/627.71
G200 B1Elizabeth R3/728.47
G800 ANancy Taylor8/132-30.95
G1500 ALexie Brown12/125-07.99
GLJJaya C5/134.33m
(also windy4.40m
B1500 AHarry Farley10/124-58.50
B 1500 BThomas Farley12/125-14.95
B75H B2Thomas F3/514.3

Nathan raced in Senior Inter-Counties at Sportcity

International wheelchair racer Nathan Blackie raced in this two-day meeting at Sportcity, Manchester on Saturday, July 27.  He finished 2nd in Race 2 of the 100m in 19.43.

Report on YDL UAG Match 4 (Southampton) next week.

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