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PAC News 31, 6th August 2019

By 07/08/2019Junior, Senior
Junior athletes at Poole AC

Team Dorset UAG team enjoy musical match!

On Sunday, July 28, a smallish UAG (Upper Age-Group = u17 and u20) team represented Team Dorset on a mild, sunny day at Southampton with a non-stop accompaniment of various “musical” sounds emanating from other nearby activities!  One of the features was the way in which they showed mutual support, remembering that “Team Dorset” combines PAC, WAC and DAC!

Note that our contribution was mostly u17s.  PBs as usual!   Results:-

U17W100 ASarah-Louise Hazell5/514.5
U17W300 BIsobel Rabjohns3/448.3
U17W800 ACamilla Brown1/52-28.3
U17W1500 AIsobel Rabjohns2/55-05.8
U17W4x300Isobel/Cam + 23/43-09.9
U17WLJ AFleur Mansell2/64.92m
U17WLJ BSarah-Louise H5/54.13m
U17WTJ AFleur Mansell1/510.76m
U17WShot ANiamh Kirwin1/310.68m
U17WDisc ANiamh Kirwin3/521.86m
U17WJav AImogen Davis1/332.39m
U17M100 BEdward Pearce3/512.4
U17M200 AJamie Paton6/626.1
U17M200 BEdward Pearce4/525.8
U17M400 BRyan Symington3/364.8
U17M800 AJosh Smith1/42-03.3
U17M1500 ARyan Symington1/34-23.1
U17M4x100Ed/Jamie + 22/347.1
U17M4x400Josh/Jamie + 22/24-00.1
U20M100 AJamie P u174/512.2
U20WLJNiamh K u172/44.16m
U20W4x100S-L/Fleur/Niamh +14/456.5

The match result:-

  1. Portsmouth/WADAC 574
  2. BAC/NFJ 567
  3. Southampton 479
  4. Team Dorset 296
  5. Chichester 206
  6. Walton 118

And Ryan’s 2 silvers feature in Triathlon School Games!

The same Ryan Symington is a member of Chapel Tri Junior Triathlon Club.  On Saturday (August 4th) he competed for South Central (covering Hants, Oxon, Bucks and Berks) in the annual Triathlon School Games, staged at Parc Bryn Bach in Wales. The best two male and female triathletes from each of the ten English regions, plus Wales, Scotland and two guest teams contested the event in bright sunshine. Unusually the individual Enduro event challenged the athletes to do TWO swim-bike-run triathlons NON-STOP!  Nevertheless, Ryan produced the two fastest 1200m running legs of the day and achieved silver in the individual event plus being part of the silver mixed team relay at the end!  Great stuff!  In the same competition, PAC member Liam Openshaw competed for South-West.

If you were not aware, more than a dozen of our members have trained at Ashdown for many years and are regular, successful TRIATHLETES!

News of the final Wessex match, at Aldershot August 3rd

On a mild, sunny day, the final Wessex match for 2019 was held in the Military Stadium at Aldershot on Saturday.  As they had done in the Poole Open, Ethan and Seni again featured in the QuadKids match; the team totals are for the best four u11 athletes completing their four events but, unfortunately, only two PAC boys and three girls were available!   Finley was the other boy, in his first QK competition, and scoring a great 209! All three girls continue to improve in their various events.  We thank all the athletes, parents, officials and Team Managers involved!

Name75m Pts600m PtsLJ PtsHowler PtsTotalRank
Ethan Crowley12.9 (41)2-07.3 (62)3.73m (61)39.76m (79)2432/31
Finley Lewin12.2 (48)2-14.5 (55)3.36m (48)29.47m (58)20910
Seni Purnell11.7 (53)2-03.5 (66)3.13m (41)20.60m (41)2011/28
Mali Ballingall12.9 (41)2-04.3 (65)2.66m (25)17.03m (34)1656
Mahlia-Pia Johnson12.2 (48)2-25.5 (44)3.43m (51)15.77m (31)1744

In the older events, we were short of u13B and u15B so had no relay teams.  It was good to see encouraging progress by our newer members.

U13G100 AJaya Collinson2/613.9
U13GBLexi Lewin2/515.9
U13GBFreya Woollardn/s15.7
U13GBMorgan S-Watsonn/s17.2
U13G200 AJaya Collinson2/528
U13GBMorgan S-W5/536
U13GBLexi Lewinn/s31.5
U13G800 AFreya Woollard2/32-53.5
U13G70H ALexi Lewin4/415.2
U13GLJ AFreya Woollard6/63.63m
U13GBMorgan S-W3/43.01m
U15G100 AGeorgina Stokes1/313.4
U15G200 AGeorgina Stokes1/427.1
U15GBLeah Watts1/327.3
U15GBMolly Pearcen/s31
U15G300 ALeah Watts1/443.6
U13B100 AOllie Woollard2/514.2
U13BLJ AOllie Woollard1/43.27m
U13BHJ AMonty Spence5/51.05m
U13BShot AMonty Spence3/34.45m
U13BJav AMonty Spence4/516.93m
U15B100 ADan Sanchez1/511.7
U15BBTyler Collins2/314.7
U15B200 ADan Sanchez1/523.6
U15BBTyler Collins2/329.9
U15BHJ AAlex Harris2/31.45m
U15BLJ AAlex Harris5/53.98m
U15BBTyler Collins3/33.95m
U15BDisc ADan Sanchez1/325.65m
U17M100 AEdward Pearce1/312.2
U17M200 AEdward Pearce1/325
U17MShot AEdward Pearce3/37.05m

The final team positions in the match were:-

  1. Hosts Aldershot 416
  2. Slough 374
  3. Camberley 329
  4. Poole 176
  5. Fleet 153
  6. Dorchester 53


Results from SWAL 3 at Exeter will be published next week.

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