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PAC News 34, 21st August 2018

By 22/08/2018Junior, Senior

Excellent Team Dorset win to stay in top three?

In the fifth (and final) Southern League match for 2018, Team Dorset u17s and Seniors combined to beat the hosts Newquay and Par AC at Par on Aug 18th. From confirmed results, TD 229 to N/P 210 (Exeter 125, Andover 18).

Division 3 SW has 16 teams. In each of the 5 matches, TD competed against 3 other teams in a type of ‘round robin’. The winner of each match earns 4 League points. The winner of each event gains 4 match points, etc.

Before this final round of matches, Salisbury and Brighton were the top two with 16/15 League points.  By winning each of their final matches, they have finished with 20/19 League points and finish as top two.  By winning at Par, TD have 17 League points and still lie 3rd.  WADAC also had 13 League points, finished 3rd in their final match and have 15 League points. Finally, Swindon had 13 League points but finished second in their final match, ending with 16 League points, thus 4th overall!  This repeats our excellent 2017 achievement!

100 ATom Casson1/411.3
BRichard Wheeler1/212.6
800 AJamie Grose2/32-09.6
400H BJamie Grose1/164.4
2KSC AJamie Grose1/36-28.1
5000 AJamie Grose2/317-09.8
HJ AJames Hind2/21.95m
Shot AAndrew Elkins2/310.73m
BRichard Wheeler2/27.56m
Disc AAndrew Elkins2/336.32m
BJames Hind2/328.03m
Jav AAndrew Elkins1/346.92m
BRichard Wheeler2/330.11m
Ham AAndrew Elkins1/254.10m
4x100Richard W + 31/348.3
4x400Tom/Jamie + 21/23-40.5
200Richard Wheelern/s27.2
100 AAlex Bryant1/412.5
BLizzie Gourlay2/213.3
200 AAlex Bryant1/425.7
BLizzie Gourlay3/328.8
Steffi Bennettn/s27.2
TJ BLizzie Gourlay1/28.05m
Shot ARuth Elkins2/28.37m
Ham ARuth Elkins2/232.79m
BRosemary Hutton2/220.92m
4x100Alex/Lizzie + 21/351.6

Team Dorset in YDL again in season 2019!

This decision was put out for consideration by the three Team Dorset clubs. The unanimous consensus was to continue for next year and relevant application has been made to YDL.  We wait to see the structure of the resulting Upper (UAG) and Lower (LAG) Divisions.  It appears, after promotion and relegation are applied, that BAC/NFJ will be in both ours!

Final South-West Match at Exeter on Sept 2nd

If you are available to help to finish the season on a Club high, please contact Junior Committee on the Contact Us page here>>.  We NEED all of YOU!

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