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PAC News 34, 3rd September 2019

By 04/09/2019May 10th, 2022Junior
Junior athletes at Poole AC

Emily P has bronze in the EA U17 1500 S/ch at Bedford!

The bare facts are that Emily Parker placed 3rd in the U17W 1500 S/Chase at the England Athletics Championships at Bedford on Sept. 1st.  The complete results are not yet on Power of 10, nor on the EA site.   Other PAC athletes were at Bedford and their performances will be recognised in due course.

SWAL 4 draft results from Exeter Sept. 1st

On a cool, breezy day at Exeter Arena, our athletes participated very well. Many PBs and unfamiliar efforts.   See Caleb’s, Jo’s and Adam’s Club Records.

The “points” shown are awarded overall 1st = 24, 2nd = 23, etc.

U13G100 1Elizabeth Richley1/8 2413.55
U13G100 2Madeleine Stokes6/716.13
U13G100 3Lauren White5/6 915.65
U13G100 4Morgan S-Watson7/717.28
U13G200 1Elizabeth R1/7 2429.3
U13G200 3Lexi Lewin2/6 1531.21
U13G200 4Madeleine S5/735.01
U13G800 2Lexie Brown1/8 232-39.37
U13G800 3Freya Woollard3/7 132-53.99
U13G4x100Team4/7 962.81
U13GHJMegan Mowbray1/19 241.35m
U13GHJElizabeth R16 91.10m
U13GHJLexi L171.10m
U13GHJLauren W191.00m
U13GLJMegan M1/29 244.21m
U13GLJLauren W17 103.39m
U13GLJFreya W183.38m
U13GLJMorgan S-W282.89m
U13GShotMegan M5/25 206.55m
U13GShotFreya W13 125.15m
U13GShotMadeleine S164.44m
U13GShotMorgan S-W244.08m
U15G100 1Georgina Stokes4/8 2013.64
U15G100 3Jaya Collinson u131/6 2113.51
U15G200 1Georgina S2/8 2027.76
U15G200 2Jaya C u132/7 2227.54
U15G200 3Sophia Horwood2/729.49
U15G800 2Sophia H3/9 162-39.14
U15GLJGeorgina S5/21 204.63m
U15GLJEleanor Mowbray10 154.43m
U15GLJJaya C u13124.24m
U13B100 1Caleb Cheng1/8 2412.69
U13B200 1Caleb C1/7 2426.89
U13BHJMonty Spence13/13 141.05m
U13BLJCaleb C12/23 134.02m
U13BLJBilly Godden15 113.61m
U13BLJMonty S212.83m
U13BShotBilly G1/17 249.96m
U13BShotMonty S17 113.92m
U15B100 1Tyler Collins7/7 1014.81
U15B200 1Tyler C5/6 1031.49
U15B800 1Harry Drew7/8 142-37.64
U15B3000 mDylan Green5/6 2011-19.37
U15B4x100Team5/5 861.56
U15BHJJack Evans4/10 211.55m
U15BHJAlex Harris9 161.40m
U15BTJJack E3/11 2211.08m
U15BTJTyler C10 168.21m
U15BShotHarry D7/14 187.96m
U15BShotJonty Spence14 114.62m
U15BJavHarry Midgley2/12 2336.53m
U15BJavJack E8 1723.07m
U15BJavJonty S1116.22m
U17M100 2Jamie Paton2/6 2012.13
U17M200 2Jamie P7/8 1325.32
U17M3000 mZac Cloete4/11 2110-00.16
U17MLJJamie P11/15145.25m
U20M400HAdam Booth1/6 2455.56
U20M100 1Adam B1/6 2411.29
U20M200 1Adam B3/8 2222.57
U20M800 mBen Lewis2/6 232-09.94
U15GShotEleanor M6/24 198.40m
U15GShotSophia H23 65.96m
U15GDiscEleanor M8/14 1715.55m
U17W200 2Isobel Rabjohns6/6 1630.03
U17W800Isobel R1/5 242-27.60
SW100 1Steffi Bennett2/8 2312.47
SW100 1Alexandra Bryant3 2212.61
SW100 2Lizzie Grose5/613.6
SW200 1Alex B1/7 2425.5
SW200 1Steffi B2 2325.86
SW200 2Lizzie G3/728.26
SW800 1Heidi Taylor u174/7 192-28.34
SW800 2Camilla Brown u172/7 202-28.32
SW3000Jo Brown9/12 1612-33.09
SW3000Nicola Cornes12 1215-41.11
SW4x100Team1/8 1252.73
SWLJAlex B10/15164.38m
SWLJSteffi B12 143.91m
SWDiscSteffi B12/201515.40m
SWDiscCamilla B u1717 1012.57m
SWDiscAlex B209.18m
SWHammAlex B7/13 1815.11m
SWHammLizzie G8 1715.10m
SW5000Ben L4529216-03.27
SWHJAdam B1/5 241.70m
SWDiscAdam B2/5 2332.27m
SM100 1Ciaran Dunnion6/7 1911.78
SM100 2Jon Le Grange2/9 1611.87
SM100 2Marcus Pidgley614.47
SM200 1Ciaran D5/8 2023.23
SM200 2Marcus P7/8 1130.21
SM800 1Ciaran D2/9 232-04.52
SM800 2Peter Cornes9/9 103-41.61
SM400HCiaran D4/8 2163.13
SM4x100Cia/BenL/Rhys/Pet7/8 854.7
SMHJMark Roach9/12 171.45m
SMTJMark R7/8 188.87m
SMShotMark R9/13 167.27m
SMShotCiaran D10 156.78m
SMShotMarcus P125.80m
SMJavCiaran D15/151220.32m
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