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PAC News 36, 17th September 2019

By 18/09/2019May 10th, 2022Junior
Junior athletes at Poole AC

Thanks to Alison and others we had a competition!

In the absence of many of our usual officials and helpers, we relied on the goodwill of parents and friends to ensure the athletes had a competition. A prime mover was Alison, in advance and on the day, but no Power of 10!

Poole AC Championships Part 2, Ashdown, September 7th 2019.

Please note: these results for U13s and older.  U11s QuadKids’ results are tabulated separately. Only U11 HJ here.  Note: Jaya’s Club Record and PBs!

U11GHJMahlia-Pia Johnson1/21.20m
U11GHJNatasha Pestonji21.00m
U13G100Elizabeth Richley1/613.7
U13G100Jaya Collinson213.7
U13G100Olivia Bowen314.7
U13G100Maddie Stokes416
U13G100Faye Ball516
U13G100Morgan S-Watson617.3
U13G200Jaya C1/427.3
U13G200Elizabeth R228.5
U13G200Olivia B331.5
U13G200Faye B433
U13G800Freya Woollard1/22-59.1
U13G800Morgan S-W23-29.4
U13GHJElizabeth R1/31.30m
U13GHJFaye B21.20m
U13GLJFreya W1/43.77m
U13GLJFaye B23.59m
U13GLJMaddie S33.43m
U13GLJMorgan S-W43.18m
U13GShotOlivia B1/37.87m
U13GShotMaddie S24.75m
U13GShotMorgan S-W33.64m
U13GJavelinMaddie S1/113.84
U15GHJSafia Stacey1/11.45m
U15GShotSafia S1/16.97m
U17W100Lolly Cull1/114.1
U17WShotCharlotte Piper1/19.16m
U17WJavelinCharlotte P1/128.5
U17M100Samuel Bowen1/112.1
U17MShotSamuel B1/18.40m
U17MClubThrRobbie Faulder1/17.54m
U11BHJHarry Williams1/11.30m
U13B100Caleb Cheng1/513.4
U13B100Oscar Ewen-Matthews213.8
U13B100Ollie Woollard314.5
U13B100Josh Baker415.9
U13B100Ben Stanciu (u11)516.1
U13B200Caleb C1/227.7
U13B200Josh B233.3
U13B800Henry Cornish1/42-32.4
U13B800Harry Farley22-33.1
U13B800Thomas Farley32-39.0
U13B800Josh B42-51.1
U13BHJOllie W1/21.30m
U13BHJJosh B21.15m
U13BLJOscar E-M1/54.76m
U13BLJOllie W24.28m
U13BLJCaleb C34.19m
U13BLJJosh B43.59m
U13BLJBilly Godden53.56m
U13BShotBilly G1/19.53m
U13BJavelinBilly G1/113.7
U15B800Mark Ruby1/22-15.3
U15B800Harry Drew22-33.7
U15BHJJack Evans1/21.60m
U15BHJAlex Harris21.45m
U15BLJJack E1/35.14m
U15BLJAlex H23.94m
U15BLJJonty Spence32.69m
U15BShotJack E1/49.51m
U15BShotHarry D26.22m
U15BShotAlex H35.52m
U15BShotJonty S44.87m
U15BJavelinJack E1/325.54
U15BJavelinAlex H218.56
U15BJavelinJonty S317.22

POOLE AC News extra

Please find the QuadKids results from Ashdown on 07/09/19. Credit to all 14 athletes, for some of whom this was their first QuadKids. Note that, to get a total QK score, the athlete has to compete in all four events on the day. So Alfie and Izzy led the way and there were many PBs!

Name75 (Pts)600 (Pts)LJ (Pts)Howler (Pts)TotalComment
Elouan Biwole11.3 (57)-3.60m (53)28.97m (57)187/3No 600
Oliver Harrison12.5 (45)2-00.6 (69)2.90m (33)14.82m (29)1762
Ben Stanciu12.3 (47)2-02.0 (68)-29.27m (58)173/3No LJ
Oliver Nyathi13.4 (36)2-16.2 (53)3.20m (43)20.69m (41)1733
Harry Williams11.3 (57)2-06.0 (64)-28.23m (56)177/3No LJ
Alfie Curtis11.4 (56)2-12.5 (57)4.01m (70)25.64m (51)2341
Daniel Buckland13.9 (31)2-32.2 (38)2.69m (29)14.80m (29)1274
Grace Upshall12.3 (47)2-08.4 (61)3.25m (45)11.81m (23)1762
Izzy Garavini12.6 (44)2-07.7 (62)3.25m (45)17.04m (34)1851
Natasha Pestonji11.5 (55)-3.37m (49)14.27m (28)132/3No 600
Mali Ballingall12.9 (41)2-06.5 (63)3.01m (37)14.77m (29)1703
Sadie Underwood14.1 (29)2-17.3 (52)2.27m (12)11.68m (23)1165
Mahlia-Pia Johnson12.3 (47)-3.72m (60)16.28m (32)139/3No 600
Amelia Drew14.6 (24)2-21.4 (48)2.52m (20)12.79m (25)1174

Our attention now moves to Winter activities!

Cross-Country. As a club we are involved in two Leagues, Wessex and Hampshire, and as registration for these has to be done in advance of the first matches, all athletes wishing to participate in either or both Leagues are asked to contact Mark Pauley as soon as possible.  A schedule of matches is attached with this Newsletter. Races for U11s and above.

We host the first Wessex race, based at Limelights Youth Centre, Learoyd Road, on September 29th.

Also we know there will be local school races staged by PEDSSA and other district school organisations. Later there will be County and South-West Championships, then Southern and National Meetings. Schools have similar annual fixtures. There is also PAC XC Training if no Saturday competitions.

Road Running including Relays. Watch out for relevant notices.

Sportshall. As has been published recently, next Saturday there is no Club session on the track in the morning. Individual coaches might organise their own group sessions: payment at Reception. So on September 28th we move inside the Ashdown Centre Sports Hall, registering from about 4:15 pm.

Indoor Athletics. Individual athletes will be entered as appropriate.


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