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PAC News 39, 17th October 2017

By 18/10/2017November 3rd, 2017Junior, Senior

PAC News 2017 No. 39 17/10/17

Vet. Men start well at Hants XC League Match 1!

Of the 8 Juniors and 15 Seniors who ran in the first Hants X-C League match at King’s Park on October 14th, Ashia W (4th  in u15G) and the Vet Men (3rd team in their race) performed best on this deceptively undulating course. The SM placed 7th of the ten teams in Div. 1 (of three divisions). The counting runners for the VM (v) were their first three, totalling 32 points, only one behind AFD – who won all the other male categories! Reading Roadrunners won the VM.

This is a more competitive league than the Wessex with e.g. 30 clubs contesting the Womens’ race, 19 finishing complete teams.



Excellent workshop with Jenny and Trevor!

On Sunday morning, October 15th we were informed and entertained by a well-presented Mechanics and Drills workshop presented by Jenny Meadows and Trevor Painter. 40 people, mostly young athletes but including some parents and coaches, were given practical experience of a series of drills and practices. The emphasis was on the importance in all running of core strength and posture: if these are strong and stable, the limbs can work more effectively. After nearly two hours of work, the two presenters then stayed to answer a great variety of questions. Importantly Jenny pointed out how much support our athletes receive and can access within the Club. Trevor urged athletes and coaches not to treat Power of 10 as a “Bible” but treat it as a useful resource, particularly in recording personal progress, not for comparison!

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