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PAC News 4, 28th January 2020

How did they fare in the Parliament Hill mud?

26 PAC athletes were among the 3500+ runners facing the challenges of the mud on Parliament Hill on Saturday. This was the 2020 version of the South of England Cross-Country Championships. The fields were huge as usual and the course became progressively looser underfoot as the thousands trampled their ways over it!  We contested nine of the age-groups. You will see that Lexie, Will, Ben and Tom all finished in the top 5% of their races, with Nancy, Mark and Abigail also in their top 12%!  Our best team (of four) were the u17W.  A great (and exhausting!) experience for all participants!


Age/ GenderNamePos/Time
U13GLexie Brown15/29713-12
Nancy Taylor3513-38
Freya Woollard21715-56
U15GMillie Small231/30422-06
U17WEmily Parker45/15821-46
Ashia Wilson6922-51
Heidi Taylor7322-53
Isobel Rabjohns10724-44
TEAM9/14294 pts
SWAbigail Jones138/69435-39
Becky Rendell31840-49
Kirstin Hay43143-34
Laura Horswill66356-29
U13BLeo Riggs125/30413-25
Ethan Crowley26915-15
U15BWilliam Rabjohns16/31715-11
Mark Ruby3415-37
Tristan Green13916-54
Dylan Green26518-42
Harry Drew28619-24
Morgan H-Wilkes31722-15
U17MJacob Small205/20633-36
U20MBen Lewis5/11826-33
SMTom Austin18/117249-47
Steve Williams64766-46
Steve Kelly93774-24
Peter CornesFinishedNo time

Report on County Sportshall, Canford, January 25th

Over three hours of noisy, enthusiastically-supported activity was held in the Canford School Sports Hall last Saturday afternoon. The fact that 31 u11 sprint Heats were held in the first hour gives some idea of the intensity!

These results are of those who ranked in the top three of their event (or top four in a Final). The other PAC performances are in a separate table.

Yes, there were obvious stars, but it was great to give such a competitive opportunity to those regular attenders at training who just did their best!  It is hoped that our top athletes will achieve County selection for the Regional Finals at Paignton Sports Centre, Torbay, on Saturday, March 21st. Selected athletes will receive information from the County Team Managers in due course.

2 lapFOlivia Bowen2/2224
4 lapsJaya Collinson1/749.4
6 lapsGeorgina Langdale2/388.7
Sp BJaya Collinson2=/1676 bounc
Faye Ball2=76
SLJJaya Collinson1/112.13m
STJFaye Ball3/136.12m
VJOlivia Bowen1/1154 cm
ShotOlivia Bowen2/147.88m
1 lapFNatasha Pestonji1/3212.1
2 lapFSeni Purnell3/2225.6
(Natasha P)(4)Heat(24.8)
Sp BBeatrice Hamblin2/850 bounc
SLJGrace Upshall2/121.72m
Beatrice Hamblin31.68m
STJMali Ballingall3/135.15m
VJMahlia-Pia Johnson1=/1647 cm
BalBErin Langdale3/1255 secs
ChPMahlia-Pia Johnson2/136.23m
JavMali Ballingall2/1510.53m
Sp BJosh Baker2=/667 bounc
VJJosh Baker3=/441 cm
1 lapFHarry Williams2/2811.7
O-URFOliver Nyathi4/480.8
Joshua Nyathi
Harry Williams
Leon M’Lenga
SLJHarry Williams3/151.70m
BalBLeon M’Lenga2/641 secs
Ch PElouan Biwole1/76.78m
JavOliver Nyathi2/1215.57m
TarThElouan Biwole1/813 in

Other PAC performances from Canford:

2 lapsMorgan S-Watson21/2227.4
SpBGeorgina Langdale16/1652 bou
STJMorgan S-W10/135.08m
Georgina L124.38m
Alexia Horn134.10m
ShotMorgan S-W14/144.87m
1 lapGrace Upshall20/3213.8
Erin Langdale2614.3
2 lapsBeatrice Hamblin7/2225.5
Mali Ballingall825.7
Grace U1327.4
Erin L2029
Amelia Drew2129.1
U-O RAmelia D4/678.1
Grace U
Mahlia-Pia Johnson
Mali B
STJNatasha Pestonji5/4.95m
Amelia D114.36m
VJNatasha P5/1641 cm
Mali B639 cm
Grace U1233 cm
Erin L1624 cm
Bal BAmelia D7/1247 secs
JavelinAmelia D10/157.70m
Mahlia-Pia J117.47m
2 lapsJosh Baker5/824.6
James Crane726.2
Monty Spence827.8
4 lapsJosh B6/853.5
STJMonty S5/64.52m
James C64.46m
ShotJames C5/64.87m
Monty S64.78m
1 lapElouan Biwole6/2812.4
Leon M’Lenga2013.7
Joshua Nyathi2714.3
2 lapsOliver Harrison12/3025.3
Oliver Nyathi1826.5
Daniel Buckland2126.6
Leon M2427.3
Joshua N2828
Sp BOliver N8/1244 bou
Daniel B1036 bou
SLJLeon M6/151.50m
Oliver N101.42m
STJOliver H9/185.06m
Daniel B124.80m
Charlie Harrison174.16m
VJCharlie H9/1031 cm
Bal BOliver H5/623 sec
Ch PJoshua N7/73.88m
JavJoshua N8/128.48m
Tar ThJoshua N5/76 in
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