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PAC News 40, 24th October 2017

By 29/10/2017May 10th, 2022Junior
Junior athletes at Poole AC

PAC News 2017 No. 40  24/10/17

An enjoyable start to the Sportshall season!

In the first Sportshall match at Canford School on October 21st, more than 20 young members worked hard as individuals and relay teams to use the skills they have been developing for the last month.  Many have made good progress but it is evident that some need more fitness and polishing of their techniques.

To clarify the results, in any one event, our best performance counts as ‘A’ and our next best as ‘B’.  Others are non-scorers.  So e.g. ‘A1’ means the best performance of all the athletes in that event; and e.g. ‘B2’ means the second-best of all the ‘B’ string athletes.  The u11 girls were outstanding in winning all three of their relays!

U11B1 lapHarley Taylor12.1
U11B1 lapMonty Spence13.6
U11B2 lapsHarley T23.5
U11B2 lapsMonty S27.6
U11B2 lapsEthan Crowley27.9
U11BSp BHarry Crouch46
U11BSp BThomas Farley43
U11BSLJHarley T1.92m
U11BSTJThomas F5.29m
U11BSTJHarry C4.73m
U11BVert JHarley T46cm
U11BCh PEthan C4m
U11BCh PMonty S3m
U11BTar ThEthan C11
U11BTar ThMonty S6
U13B2 lapsGeorge Farley23.6
U13B2 lapsCallum McGinley24.5
U13B2 lapsHarry Midgley26.3
U13B4 lapsAnthony Booth54.4
U13BSp BGeorge F82
U13BSp BCallum McG76
U13BSLJHarry M1.72m
U13BSLJAnthony B1.71m
U13BSTJGeorge F5.84m
U13BVert JCallum McG51cm
U13BVert JAshley Gannon47cm
U13BShotAshley G7.85m
U13BShotHarry M7.35m
U13BShotAnthony B6.28m
U15B/G6 lapsSam Bowen73.9
U15B/GSTJSam B6.16m
U11G1 lapOlivia Bowen12.8
U11G1 lapNancy Taylor13
U11G1 lapLexie Taylor13.1
U11G2 lapsOlivia B25.6
U11G2 lapsNancy T25.8
U11GSp BJaya Collinson52
U11GSLJJaya C1.88m
U11GSLJLexie T1.54m
U11GSTJMegan Mowbray5.75m
U11GSTJNancy T4.96m
U11GVert JOlivia B49cm
U11GVert JMegan M46cm
U11GBal BNancy T43
U11GCh POlivia B5m
U11GTar ThLexie T6
U13G2 lapsSafia Stacey23
U13G2 lapsMolly Pearce25.3
U13G4 lapsLeah Watts51.3
U13G4 lapsSafia S53.3
U13G6 lapsEleanor Mowbray86.4
U13GSp BSafia S68
U13GSp BLeah W67
U13GSLJEleanor M1.74m
U13GSTJSafia S6.64m
U13GVert JMolly P45cm
U13GVert JLeah W41cm
U13GShotEleanor M7.18m
U13GShotMolly P5.76m
U15G/B2 lapsNiamh Kirwin24
U15G/BSTJNiamh K6.55m
U15G/BShotNiamh K7.17m
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