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PAC News 41, 22nd October 2019

By 23/10/2019Junior
Junior athletes at Poole AC

Ryan helps GB Youth in Triathlon Super League!

On Saturday (October 19) in Birgu and Bormla in Malta, a series of Triathlon Super League “Enduro” races were held, for multi age-groups. These involve the athletes undertaking two consecutive, non-stop (except for their five “transitions”) sets of Swim-Bike-Run, with the fastest (in Ryan’s race) taking just 23-23 to finish.  (Swim 300m-Bike 2K-Run 1K-Swim 300m-Bike 2K-Run 1.5K!) From earlier events in UK, Ryan had been selected to be part of the GB Youth (U18) Boys team. In this event, GB took seven of the first eight places, ranking 1-4 and 6-8!  Ryan finished an excellent 3rd of the 16 starters, in 24-18.   I hope his PAC training partners find time to congratulate him! Other teams involved in this race were Ireland, Jersey, France, Malta, and Slovenia. In other races there were seven other countries including Singapore, Canada, Hong Kong, and strong Italians. Please Hi-5 Ryan when you see him!

Our u15 Boys made a strong challenge at Wormwood Scrubs!

Twenty PAC Juniors faced the Southern Cross-Country Relay challenge among more than 600 athletes in their six races on Saturday at Wormwood Scrubs in North London.  Lexie Brown, Will Rabjohns and Emily Parker featured as individuals; the best team result was by the u15B, ranking 5th of the 38 complete teams, in 20-51 for their 3 x 2Km run.  Lexie, Will, Emily and Mark Ruby produced top-16 times for their legs, of all the runners in their races!

Age/ G/BAge/ G/BName (Leg)Team/PosTime
U13G3x2KLexie Brown 17.53
U13G3x2KFreya Woollard 29.17
U13G3x2KElizabeth Dawson 38.45
U13B3x2KLeo Riggs 18.22
U13B3x2KGeorge Bloomfield 29-07
U13B3x2KHarry Bloomfield 39.41
U15G3x2KMillie Small 18.38
U15G3x2KLeah Watts 210-12
U15G3x2KSophia Horwood 39.32
U17M1x3KJacob Small 113-28
U15B3x2KMark Ruby 16-54
U15B3x2KTristan Green 27-15
U15B3x2KWilliam Rabjohns 36-42
U15B3x2K‘A’ Team5/3820-51
U15B3x2KDylan Green 18-07
U15B3x2KHarry Drew 28-43
U15B3x2KFinn Pardy 37-36
U15B3x2K‘B’ Team35/3824-26
U17W3x2.5KHeidi Taylor 19-22
U17W3x2.5KIsobel Rabjohns 29-11
U17W3x2.5KEmily Parker 38-43
U17W3x2.5KCamilla Brown 19-33

Next Cross-Country Match: This will be Wessex 2, to be staged at Lytchett Minster School on Sunday, November 3rd.  Schedule as for Match 1 at Limelights. If you wish to run but were not registered for the first match, contact Mark Pauley (Junior Chairman) this week.  No dogs, no spikes inside, keep off walls!

Results from Wessex Sportshall 1 at Canford 19th October

In their first Sportshall venture of the season we had a number of outstanding performances.  Three of our teams finished 3rd but all did their best and mostly showed the benefit of attending Saturday training.

In all individual events, teams could have ‘A’ and ‘B’ athletes scorers. The ‘A’ athletes were then ranked and awarded points starting at 24 for the best(A1).  Any ‘B’ athletes were then similarly ranked, starting at 12 for the best (B1).   Relays (R) ranked starting at 36 for winners.  No points given to mixed u15s.

AgeEventNamePerf/RankEvent points
U11B1 lapElouan Biwole12.0 A1
U11BLeon M’Lenga13.2 B433
U11B2 lapOliver Nyathi27.1 A520
U11BVerJOliver Harrison34cm A4
U11BOliver Nyathi32 B231.5
U11BSLJLeon M’Lenga1.48m A4
U11BElouan Biwole1.45m B430
U11BSpBLeon M’Lenga39 A421
U11BChPOliver Nyathi5.24m A3
U11BOliver Harrison5.23m B233
U11BTarThElouan Biwole14 in A124
U13B2 lapCaleb Cheng22.8 A1
U13BJames Crane26.0 B433
U13B4 lapJosh Baker55.7 A421
U13B6 lapMonty Spence95.4 A322
U13BVerJJosh Baker42cm A322
U13BSLJCaleb Cheng1.90m A223
U13BSTJMonty Spence4.32m A520
U13BSpBCaleb Cheng73 A2
U13BJosh Baker69 B1
U13BShotMonty Spence4.40m A421
U15B2 lapJonty Spence52.5 A2
U15BSTJJonty Spence4.66m A1
U15BShotJonty Spence5.48m A3
AgeEventNamePerf/RankEvent points
U11G1 lapNataha Pestonji12.2 A1
U11GSeni Purnell12.3 B136
U11GBeatrice Hamblin12.9
U11G2 lapGrace Upshall26.4 A5
U11GMahlia-Pia Johnson26.6 B231
U11GAmelia Drew28.8
U11GOb R34
U11GVerJMahlia-Pia Johnson39cm A4
U11GGrace Upshall37cm B133
U11GSLJNatasha Pestonji1.59m A2
U11GMya Granville1.37m B332.5
U11GSTJSeni Purnell5.50m A1
U11GBeatrice Hamblin4.80m B235
U11GSpBBeatrice Hamblin48 A1
U11GSeni Purnell43 B234.5
U11GChPGrace Upshall5.05m A2
U11GAmelia Drew4.64m B234
U11GMahlia-Pia Johnson5.93m
U11GTarThMimi Tattersall10 in A2
U11GMya Granville6 in B332.5
U11GBal BAmelia Drew57sec A2
U11GNatasha Pestonji48sec B135
U13G2 lapOlivia Bowen24.2 A322
U13GGeorgina Langdale27.2
U13GAlexia Horn28.8
U13G4 lapJaya Collinson50.3 A124
U13GGeorgina Langdale58.7
U13GAlexia Horn66.8
U13GVerJOlivia Bowen55cm A124
U13GSLJJaya Collinson2.10m A1
U13GGeorgina Langdale1.58m B532
U13GSTJAlexia Horn4.14m A718
U13GSpBJaya Collinson79 A2
U13GAlexia Horn50 B630
U13GShotOlivia Bowen7.80m A2
U13GGeorgina Langdale3.28m B531

Both u11 teams and the u13B finished third. The u13G, in spite of some excellence, finished 5th out of 8 teams.  Well done, all! Thanks to Alison too!

NEXT MATCH: Canford, SUNDAY, October 27th starting at 12 noon. Be there 11.15

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