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PAC News 43, 30th October 2018

By 31/10/2018May 10th, 2022Junior
Junior athletes at Poole AC

Tom, Aurelio and Adam all achieve by work!

These three athletes have all had their work and progress recognised in various ways.  Endurance runner, senior man Tom Austin has been selected to compete for England in an International Cross-Country Match in Burgos, Spain on November 11th.  This will be his first England vest and comes in the wake of his finishing 9th in the British Cross Challenge Match 1 in Cardiff on Oct. 13th.

U17 athlete Aurelio Calipa has, like a number of other males in Poole AC, been involved with the younger, introductory versions of Modern Pentathlon for a number of years. He was selected to compete for ‘Pentathlon GB’ U19 Boys’ team in a competition for “Olympic Hopefuls” staged by their International body UIPM in Spala, Poland. The event was a Tetrathlon and the four events were: Fencing, Swimming, and combined Running-Shooting. As reported, Aurelio “had a great fence and a very good swim, at that point ranking 11th. A relatively weak shoot (with laser pistol) plus legs of 800m ranked him 29th at the finish.” He was the fourth of the five-boy, young GB team.

Next day he competed with a female partner in the Mixed Relay. We await the results of thisIt is self-evident that, to compete in four SPORTS on one day, needs huge commitment and preparation.

Other PAC athletes like Ryan and Liam Openshaw, Jayden and Ajay Coombes, and Finn Pardy will understand the work and dedication involved by these athletes and their parents, since they too have competed in e.g. Biathle and Triathle.

Finally, Adam Booth has been invited to join the ‘Athlete Academy in Sporting Excellence’.  His induction takes place in Loughborough next month.

As stated on the UKA site: “The Athlete Academy in Sporting Excellence is a key part and the first step on the (Olympic) Performance Pathway for young athletes aged between 16 and 18. The programme gives athletes the opportunity to learn and develop the necessary knowledge and skills to progress towards becoming a senior international athlete, whilst gaining further qualifications, and is designed to support and complement club training.” It involves attendance at Regional and National training camps over a two-year period. One of the qualifications available is Coaching Assistant. To be recognised in this way is the result of Adam’s work and progress in all ten of the events needed for Decathlon. Nothing happens without great input

Poole AC results from Sportshall Match 2 on Oct. 27 2018

NOTE: each team was allowed two scoring athletes in each event.  The best of the ‘A’ athletes ranks A1, the best of the ‘B’ athletes ranks B1. A1 gains 24 points; B1 gains 12 points; then equivalents on from there. Up to seven teams were involved.

Under-11 Boys

1 lapThomas Farley12.4A2
1 lapHarry Farley12.6B1
1 lapJosh Baker13.8
2 lapsHarry F24.4A1
3 lapsMonty Spence27.8B4
Obstacle RelayJosh, Harry, Thomas, Henry Barham81.7A1
4 x 1 RelayJosh, Thomas, Henry, Monty52.9A3
2 + 2 RelayMonty, Henry55.3A5
Speed BounceHenry B42 bouncesA4
Speed BounceJosh B42B3
SLongJJosh B1.66m.A3
SLongJHenry B1.66m.B2
STripleJHarry F4.91m.A4
STripleJMonty S4.18m.B4
Vertical JThomas F41 cm.A1
Balance BeamHarry F44 secondsA2
Target ThrowMonty S3A6
Chest PushThomas F4.97m.A3
TEAM345.5 points3/6

Under-11 Girls

1 lapFaye Ball12.9A2
1 lapLily Steele13.1B1
1 lapOlive Castillo-Macpherson13.5
1 lapSeni Purnell13
1 lapGracey Hance14.6
2 lapsSeni P25.7A2
2 lapsLily S27.1B4
2 lapsGracey H29.1
Obstacle RelayLily, Olive, Beatrice Hamblin, Seni85.7A1
4 x 1 RelayBeatrice, Faye, Gracey, Olive52.5A2
2 + 2 RelayFaye, Beatrice51.6A1
Speed BounceFaye B48 bouncesA3
Speed BounceSeni P43B2
S Long JBeatrice H1.69m.A1
S Long JLily S1.64m.B1
S Long JGracey H1.32m.
S Triple JFaye B5.07m.A1
S Triple JOlive C-M4.41m.B2
Vertical JLily S38 cm.A2
Balance BeamGracey H54 secondsA3
Balance BeamBeatrice H51B2
Target ThrowOlive C-M4A1
Chest PushSeni P4.99m.A3
TEAM377.5 points3/7

Under-13 Boys

2 lapsCallum McGinley23.8A2
2 lapsTeagan Bannerman-Williams26B2
4 lapsTeagan B-W59.9A3
Obstacle RelayAlex Harris, Callum, Jonty Spence, Toby Evans85.1A3
4 x 2 RelayAlex, Jonty, Callum, Toby105.8A3
8 lap PaarlaufTeagan, Toby114.1A3
Speed BounceCallum M82 bouncesA1
Speed BounceTeagan B-W59B3
Stand Long JToby E1.68m.A3
Stand Long JJonty S1.42m.B3
Stand Triple JAlex H5.85m.A3
Vertical JCallum M47 cm.A2
Vertical JTeagan B-W42 cm.B1
Shot PuttAlex H5.80m.A3
Shot PuttToby E5.00m.B3
TEAM307 points3/3

Under-13 Girls

2 lapsJaya Collinson24.4A3
4 lapsJaya C51.2A1
6 lapsJaya C85.4A2
Speed BounceJaya C75 bouncesA2
Stand Long JJaya C2.00m.A1
TEAM116 points07-Aug

Under-15 Girls

2 lapsNiamh Kirwin25A3
Stand Triple JNiamh K6.48m.A1
Shot PuttNiamh K7.92m.A1
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