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PAC News 48, 19th December 2017

By 20/12/2017December 27th, 2017Club News, Junior
Junior athletes at Poole AC

PAC News 2017 No.48 19/12/17

Great efforts at Sportshall Match 3 Dec. 16!

In the third match in the 2017-18 Dorset Sportshall series at Canford, evidence was obvious of all the work which the athletes and coaches have been doing since September, e.g. in Relays and specific event skills. Lack of numbers meant we could not challenge in some events, especially Relays, but there was real quality shown by those who represented the Club.

(Best ‘A’ athlete = A1;best ‘B’ athlete = B1)

1 lapJaya Collinson12.5A2
Lexie Taylor13.4B2
Lily Steele13.7ns
2 lapElizabeth Richley25.4A3
Megan Mowbray25.7B1
Ob RTeam88.42nd.
SpBJaya C50A2
Megan M50B1
A1SLJJaya C1.97mA1
Lexie T1.61mB2
STJMegan M5.50mA2
Elizabeth R5.26mB1
VJLexie T36cmA4
Lily S36cmB1
2 lapSafia Stacey23.4A1
Leah Watts24.2B1
Molly Pearce25.5ns
Eleanor Mowbray25ns
4 lapSafia S52.2A3
Leah W52.8B2
Eleanor M56.1ns
4x2 RTeam97.11st.
Sp BLeah W78A3
Safia S73B2
STJSafia S6.40mA2
Eleanor M5.94mB1
VJMolly P47cmA2
Leah W35cmB3
ShotEleanor M6.67mA2
Molly P5.54mB2
STJNiamh K6.50mA1
Sarah-Louise H5.52mB1
Emily C4.26mns
ShotNiamh K7.37mA3
1 lapThomas Farley12.4A3
Harley Taylor12.5B1
Ethan Crowley13.9ns
Monty Spence14ns
2 lapThomas F24.3A3
Monty S28.2B5
Ob RTeam84.51st.
SpBThomas F51A1
Monty S43B2
SLJHarley T1.93mA1
Teagan B-Williams1.73mB1
STJThomas F5.26mA3
Harry Farley4.70mB2
VJHarley T49cmA1
Teagan B-W36cmB1
Ch PEthan C4.25mA5
Tar TEthan C14A1
2 lapGeorge Farley23.7A2
4 lapGeorge F50.9A1
Sp BGeorge F82A1
VJAshley Gannon43cmA2
ShotAshley G7.59mA2
2 lapEdward Pearce21.6A1
Niamh Kirwin24.1B1
Sarah-Louise Hazell24.5ns
Emily Cole29.1ns
4 lapSarah-Louise H58.9A2
Emily C60.4B1
Sp BEdward P80A1
Sarah-Louise H78B1
Nathan Freeman72ns
Emily C56ns
SLJEdward P2.46mA1
VJNathan F37cmA3



Lap1 lap is a run from the centre of the hall to a 'Reversaboard' from which the double back, cross the startline and on to the far end of the hall to another 'Reversaboard' from which they double back again to finish at the start line.
RA relay
1+1Each team member completes one lap each
2+2Each team member completes two laps each. The athlete’s two laps are completed consecutively
1+2Lap Relay – The first team member completes one lap and the second team member completes two laps
4x1Each of the four team members complete one lap each
4x2Each of the four team members complete two laps each. Each athlete should complete their two laps consecutively.
ObAn obstacle course
Sp BSpeed Bounce
SLJStanding Long Jump
STJStanding Triple Jump
VJVertical Jump
Ch PChest Push
Tar TTarget Throw
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