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PAC News 49, 17th December 2019

By 19/12/2019May 10th, 2022Cross Country, Junior, Senior

Two County Champions from Canford races!

The draft results from the Dorset County races which were incorporated into Wessex Cross-Country League Match 4, staged at Canford School’s estate on December 15th, show Poole AC now having two County Champions! Just to explain, this was scheduled as Match 4 and the original “Match 3” had to be postponed. This will now be run concurrently with the South-West XC Championships at Aldon Hill on Sunday, January 5th 2020!

The relatively flat course was wet underfoot but bright sunshine bathed the fields and made the weather tolerable!  For those with cameras it was great!

The performances of athletes who had entered for the County races were extracted from the main Wessex League results. These were then re-ranked and those are listed as the Dorset results below.

Lexie Brown maintained her brilliant run of form by topping the U13 girls’ rankings, supported by Elizabeth Dawson. William Rabjohns finished second in the under-15 boys, ably backed by the much-improved Mark Ruby, closely followed by useful runs by Tristan Green and Finn Pardy!   The U17 women managed to achieve four finishers in the first six, ably led by Emilie Castagna in second.

Ashia, Heidi, Isobel and Camilla completed this talented team. Zac Cloete was in the first four of the U17 men, continuing to strengthen his running experience. Finally, Leo (U13B) and Jacob (U17M) helped to “show the Club flag” by racing at this level. Jamie Grose easily won the Senior Mens’ race, followed home by Rob.

Please remember, these are only the Dorset COUNTY results!

Age/ GenderNamePos/Time
U13BLeo Riggs7/1412-53
U15BWilliam Rabjohns2/713-52
U15BMark Ruby314-14
U15BTristan Green615-57
U15BFinn Pardy716-07
U17MZac Cloete4/1313-34
U17MJacob Small1319-25
U13GLexie Brown1/1313-06
U13GElziabeth Dawson413-52
U17WEmilie Castagna2/1217-57
U17WAshia Wilson318-16
U17WHeidi Taylor519-13
U17WIsobel Rabjohns619-41
U17WCamilla Brown820-46
SMJamie Grose1/427-20
SMRob Doubleday228-48

NOTICE REMINDER re- Holiday all-Club Training sessions.

Please note that there will be no all-Club sessions on Tues Dec 24, Sat Dec 28, and Tues Dec 31 (Individual coaches may organise their own sessions).  We re-commence on Sat Jan 4th and Tues Jan 7th 2020.

VERY LATE NIGHT EXTRA! Apologies, but just received!

Three Wessex winners at Canford, plus three runners-up!

In what was scheduled as Match 4 of the Wessex League, PAC runners produced three winners, three runners-up, and six others in the top six of their races!

In addition to Lexie and Jamie mentioned above, Ryan Symington again showed the progress he has made by winning the U17M race (He had not entered the County event).   Another athlete who featured but was not ranked for the County was Isla McPhail (U13G).

Provisional results:

U13BLeo Riggs11/3312-53
U13GLexie Brown1/3513-06
U13GElizabeth Dawson513-52
U13GIsla McPhail713-55
U13GFreya Woollard2515-54
U13GDaisy Putman3518-27
U15GAbigail Putman15/1621-47
U17WEmilie Castagna2/1417-57
U17WAshia Wlison318-16
U17WHeidi Taylor519-13
U17WIsobel Rabjohns619-41
U17WCamilla Brown920-46
SWLaura Horswill31/31-26
U11BEthan Crowley13/285-44
U11BEuan McPhail155-56
U15BWilliam Rabjohns2/1513-52
U15BMark Ruby314-14
U15BTristan Green715-57
U15BFinn Pardy816-07
U17MRyan Symington1/1815-23
U17MZac Cloete616-28
U17MJacob Small1819-25
SM/VMJamie Grose1/5027-20
SM/VMRob Doubleday228-48
SM/VMOliver Drew2433-41
V27Graham Filmer4339-10
V31Nigel Harding4748-52
V34Peter Cornes5056-10
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