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Results: Upton Summer Series, 18th August 2021

By 18/08/2021Senior
Upton Summer Series 1

Seniors Race 6

It was the final race for the seniors.

  • Brian Underwood, Duncan Cooper and Alan Barnett were the 3rd mens team
  • Fern Kimber, Kathryn Robson and Kirstin Hay were the 2nd ladies team
PosBibNameCatCat PosGen PosTime
22Brian UNDERWOODMale 45-491200:19:44
432Duncan COOPERMale 55-591400:19:49
1246Fern KIMBERFemale 18-391100:21:19
2124Alan BARNETTMale 55-5932000:21:57
2722Martin SELLMale 50-5432600:23:21
3465Darren MOOREMale 50-5443100:24:23
43136Graham FILMERMale 55-5953800:25:18
4472Mark KIMBERMale 50-5453900:25:20
4991Kathryn ROBSONFemale 55-591700:25:54
50137Kirstin HAYFemale 18-394800:26:01
5698Jane NEALFemale 60-6411000:26:38
5987Paul WILSHERMale 45-49104900:26:52
90187Vanya RITCHIEFemale 55-5923000:29:37
95122Donald HARPERMale 18-39196200:29:41
97219Kevin ROBERTSMale 55-59106400:29:56
100186Dave RITCHIEMale 55-59116500:30:21
122223Clare JULYANFemale 45-4955000:33:01
124236Kim HUNTFemale 60-6455200:33:17
149273Grace GALTONFemale 40-4487000:37:54
151281Gill COOKFemale 55-5987100:38:19
152285Laura HORSWILLFemale 18-39217200:38:21
153268Tammy FRIAS-ROBLESFemale 40-4497300:38:22

Overall Series Results

The Mens team finished 1st in the series, well done to Brian Underwood, Duncan Cooper, Marc Ujvari, Alan Barnett

The Ladies Team finished 2nd in the series, well done to Fern Kimber, Lesley Moore, Kathryn Robson, Jane Neal, Kirstin Hay, Vanya Ritchie

Congratulations to all our Age Category Winners:

Female 18-39

  • 1st – Fern Kimber

Female 40-44

  • 1st Lesley Moore

Female 55-59

  • 1st Kathryn Robson
  • 2nd Vanya Ritchie

Female 60-64

  • 1st Jane Neal

Male 45-49

  • 1st Brian Underwood

Male 55-59

  • 1st Duncan Cooper



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