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Results: Upton Summer Series, 7th July 2021

By 07/07/2021July 21st, 2021Junior, Senior
Upton Summer Series 1

Not as high a turnout this week – possibly the traffic disruptions around Upton and the evening football match might have had something to do with it!


  • Duncan Cooper, Marc Ujvari and Alan Barnett were the 4th mens team
  • Lesley Moore, Kathryn Robson and Vanya Ritchie were the 2nd ladies team
PosBibNameCatCat PosGen PosTime
532Duncan COOPERMale 55-591500:20:07
1466Marc UJVARIMale 18-3961400:21:23
2224Alan BARNETTMale 55-5922100:22:26
3322Martin SELLMale 50-5433200:24:01
3978Lesley MOOREFemale 40-441300:24:55
41136Graham FILMERMale 55-5953800:25:12
5487Paul WILSHERMale 45-49104900:26:40
6591Kathryn ROBSONFemale 55-5911000:27:37
6858Michael CRANEMale 18-39175700:28:11
79172Martin CROWLEYMale 45-49116200:29:05
88187Vanya RITCHIEFemale 55-5942400:29:48
91186Dave RITCHIEMale 55-5996600:30:08
123236Kim HUNTFemale 60-6454600:34:11
139273Grace GALTONFemale 40-4496000:38:31
143285Laura HORSWILLFemale 18-39226400:39:46
144268Tammy FRIAS-ROBLESFemale 40-44106500:40:03


2Oliver HARRISONB1100:05:06
4Polly EVANSG1200:05:23
5Lexi LEWING1300:05:25
13Amelia DREWG1100:05:43
15Finley LEWINB1100:05:45
16Charlie HARRISONB900:05:48
17Sadie UNDERWOODG900:05:50
34Ethan CROWLEYB1200:06:13
36Charlie EVANSB1000:06:17
65Ellis UNDERWOODB600:07:57
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