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Results: 10th – 14th April 2024

By 13/04/2024April 15th, 2024Senior
Moors Valley parkrun

Moors Valley parkrun

A fantastic number of our runners proudly displayed the club black and gold colours at Moors Valley parkrun (and not everyone made it to the photo shoot). This event featured in the club’s new parkrun championship series. A few people were running the event for the first time and we had a load of new PBs, as you can see in the table below. Well done all.

The parkrun championship series is based on age grade percentage (you can sort on the Age Grade column to see the positions in this series). Jane Neal achieved over 80%.
Check out the current standings here:

PosNameGenCatTimeAge GradeNotes
10Jonathan ADDISONMaleSM25-2919:2366.55%New PB!
15John HALLMaleVM50-5419:3577.79%
26Les HOLMESMaleVM40-4420:1769.35%New PB!
29Andy STREETMaleVM55-5920:2575.27%New PB!
35Rachael HADDOWFemaleSW20-2420:5970.53%First Timer!
38Brett STEVENSMaleVM35-3921:0964.07%New PB!
47Martin SELLMaleVM50-5421:3370.15%
52Dave LUGSDENMaleVM55-5921:3871.65%New PB!
69Graham FILMERMaleVM60-6422:0372.71%
71Mark KIMBERMaleVM55-5922:1469.12%
72Richard SEDGLEYMaleVM35-3922:2060.22%New PB!
94Kevin MCGRORYMaleVM55-5923:0768.78%
95Lesley MOOREFemaleVW45-4923:0969.26%
124Sharon READFemaleVW50-5423:5773.63%New PB!
133Jane NEALFemaleVW65-6924:2486.95%New PB!
141Martin CROWLEYMaleVM50-5424:4360.62%First Timer!
164Paul WHITMARSHMaleVM55-5925:1661.35%
180John ROWLANDMaleVM65-6925:3368.23%New PB!
190Simon BLISSMaleVM55-5925:4561.23%
201Kimberley ROWLANDFemaleVW35-3925:5657.65%New PB!
249Karen PEEDELLFemaleVW60-6426:5273.26%First Timer!
252David RITCHIEMaleVM60-6426:5560.62%
272Ian HITCHINGMaleVM55-5927:2158.14%
289Zoe HOULTONFemaleVW55-5927:4867.87%
290Nicky EVANSFemaleVW50-5427:4960.99%
291Vanya RITCHIEFemaleVW60-6427:5069.70%
297Matt BLISSMaleSM20-2428:0046.07%
314Ian RUBYMaleVM55-5928:2654.98%New PB!
376Paul WILSHERMaleVM45-4929:5748.86%
379Celia WHITMARSHFemaleVW45-4929:5955.25%
425Suzi CROWLEYFemaleVW45-4930:5253.67%First Timer!
427Julie BLISSFemaleVW55-5930:5559.35%
430Kim Denise HUNTFemaleVW65-6930:5767.53%
439Nicola HALLFemaleVW50-5431:1253.74%
460Tammy FRIAS-ROBLESFemaleVW40-4431:4549.55%New PB!
468Gordon LOWEMaleVM65-6931:5454.65%
473Maggie MCGRORYFemaleVW55-5931:5857.40%
493Nicola RUBYFemaleVW50-5432:4052.60%New PB!
511Irene WOODHOUSEFemaleVW70-7433:3367.46%First Timer!
540Eve FILMERFemaleVW60-6434:3755.27%
561Trisha MILLSFemaleVW65-6935:1560.19%
570Andrew MILLSMaleVM65-6935:2647.79%
577Melanie OTTWAYFemaleVW40-4435:4843.30%First Timer!
611James STOREYMaleVM75-7937:3650.40%
617Jacqueline LOWEFemaleVW65-6937:4656.18%
621Grace GALTONFemaleVW45-4938:0242.59%
641Laura HORSWILLFemaleVW35-3939:1838.51%
644Diane STOREYFemaleVW70-7439:4059.03%


Bristol Track Club 5K Odd Down

  • William Rabjohns: 19th (5th U20M) 14.39
  • Mark Ruby: 22nd (6th U20M) 14:43
  • Jaymee Domoney (2nd claim): 28th 14:57
  • Fred Harris: 72nd 15:57
  • Oscar Ewen Matthews: 91st 16:51 (5th U17M)

Radley Open T&F Meeting

  • Under-20 Women: Long Jump: 1st Elle Mowbray 5.53M PB
  • Under-17 Men: Long Jump: 1st Juan Roku-Ali 5.88M PB High Jump: 1st 1.80M
  • Under-17 Women:100M Sienna Boos 13.14W, Lexi Lewin 13.48W. 200M Lexi Lewin 27.96W
  • Under-15 Boys: High Jump: 1st 1.70M PB 80M Hurdles 2nd 12.66w
  • Under-13 Girls: Long Jump: 3rd Meadow Parkes 3.08 (-4.3 Wind)

Winchester Open T&F Meeting

  • Under-20 Women: 400M Hurdles: Jaya Collinson 1st 1:07.00 PB
  • Under-17 Women: 800M: Polly Evans 3rd 2:23.46
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