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Results: 7th – 15th January 2023

By 15/01/2023January 19th, 2023Cross Country, Junior, Senior

Hampshire Cross Country

A few of our members took part in a very muddy cross country course at Prospect Park in Reading. The senior men managed to field 8 members, ensuring that they picked up team points for the club.

RaceDistancePosVet PosNameCatTime
Senior Men10k6916Barry MillerM4040:34
Senior Men10k13260Alan BarnettM5045:29
Senior Men10k16176Steven KellyM4048:44
Senior Men10k166Jonathan Addison49:01
Senior Men10k171Donald Harper49:53
Senior Men10k17284Les HolmesM4049:57
Senior Men10k205111Kevin RobertsM5058:18
Senior Men10k208114David RitchieM6059:56
Senior Women6k10147Vanya RitchieV5035:15
Senior Women6k110Laura Horswill38:37
U17M6k9Henry Cornish19:52
U15G4k16Mia Hagan (non-scoring)15:04
U15B4k17Charlie Collins15:44

Swanage 10k

After leading the team home in the cross country the previous day, Barry Miller was first in the Swanage 10k. Brilliant!

1BarryMiller38:14Men's Open Event
9PatrickJackson41:20Men's Open Event
12MartinSell42:56Men's Open Event
13MarkKimber43:09Men's Open Event
18ReubenSkinner43:44Men's Open Event
27KevinMcGrory45:20Men's Open Event
28AndrewStreet46:13Men's Open Event
66ZoeHoulton55:49Women's Open Event
68NicolaSawyer56:00Women's Open Event
94KimHunt64:31Women's Veteran Event
110TammyFrias-Robles70:20Women's Open Event
115TrishaMills73:39Women's Veteran Event
116AndrewMills73:55Men's Veteran Event

SW Cross Country Championships

This event was held at RNAS Merryfield on 7th January. Will Rabjohns and Fern Kimber won their respective individual classifications, with Erin Wells (3rd) also on the podium.

U13GJemima Chetwood18/6412-19
U13GAmelia Drew22/6412-30
U15GPolly Evans6/5113-42
U15GNancy Taylor18/5114-35
U15GMia Hagan40/5115-59
U15GEleena Dhir48/5117-22
U17WErin Wells3/4219-53
U17WLexie Brown13/4221-33
U11BCharlie Harrison5/328-03
U11BHari Dhir13/328-40
U15BOliver Harrison33/4813-49
U17MWilliam Rabjohns1/4616-36
U17MHenry Cornish15/4618-16
U20WFern Kimber1/2127-12
U20WEmily Parker8/2128-37


This was the final league match of the season, held at Canford School.

U11B1 lapWilliam Cowdrey12.1A1
U11B1 lapTristan Aubrey13.5B2
U11B1 lapCharlie Harrison12.5-
U11B1 lapElliott Richings13.6-
U11B1 lapBilly Thain14.8-
U11B1 lapDylan Thain15.1-
U11B2 lapsJonah Richings23.5A1
U11B2 lapsCharlie Power26.8B3
U11B2 lapsMarley Doubleday31.3-
U11BSpeed BTristan Aubrey50 bA1
U11BSpeed BWilliam Cowdrey45 bB1
U11BSpeed BBilly Thain34-
U11BSt LJTristan Aubrey1.68mA2
U11BSt LJCharlie Power1.44mB2
U11BSt LJMarley Doubleday1.29-
U11BSt TJJonah Richings6.41mA1
U11BSt TJWilliam Cowdrey4.72mB1
U11BVert JJonah Richings44cmA2
U11BVert JCharlie Harrison39cmB1
U11BHi-StepsDylan Thain18.7A6
U11BHi-StepsElliott Richings19.4B3
U11BChest PCharlie Harrison6.53mA2
U11BChest PBilly Thain5.00mB2
U11BTarget TCharlie Power10 inA2
U11BTarget TDylan Thain2 inB3
U11BObst RelTEAM78.736pt
U11B4x1 lapRTEAM59.628pt
U11G1 lapLily Allingham12.8A2
U11G2 lapsLumen Myers25.7A3
U11GSpeed BLily Allingham51 bA2
U11GVert JLily Allingham29cmA3
U11GHi-StepsLily Allingham15.4A3
U11GChest PLumen Myers5.99mA2
U11GTarget TLumen Myers9 inA2
U13B2 lapsMarcel Roku Ali22.6A1
U13B2 lapsMatthew Boos26.6B3
U13B4 lapsDickson Roku Ali54.6A4
U13B6 lapsMatthew Boos80.3A1
U13BSpeed BMarcel Roku Ali80 bA1
U13BSpeed BDickson Roku Ali75 bB2
U13BSpeed BMatthew Boos69-
U13BSpeed BDaniel Buckland67-
U13BSt TJDickson Roku Ali5.27mA3
U13BSt TJDaniel Buckland5.17mB3
U13BVert JMarcel Roku Ali68cmA1
U13BVert JMatthew Boos50cmB1
U13BObst RelTEAM73.736pts
U13B4x2 lap RTEAM100.632pts
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