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Results: 15th – 16th April 2023

By 17/04/2023April 26th, 2023Junior, ParaAthletics, Senior

Marnhull 12k

PosName GenAgeTime
22Barry MillerM4246:07
50Patrick JacksonM5350:22
56Martin SellM5251:06
78Claire KremerF4753:31
92Kirstin HayF3954:56
110Kathryn RobsonF5858:26
131Jackie GoddenF571:00:27
147Neil WilliamsM491:02:00
179Karen PeedellF611:06:46
187Zoe HoultonF581:09:01
228Lorraine CerquellaF441:15:41
232Kim HuntF651:17:20
255Tammy Frias-RoblesF431:26:35
261Trisha MillsF661:32:26
266Andrew MillsM651:41:27

Poole AC Track and Field Open Event

The results can be found at 

The Quadkids results are:

Name75m (Pts)600m (Pts)Long Jump (Pts)Howler (Pts)TotalRank
Tristan Aubrey12.3 (47)2-46.8 (24)3.82m (64)33.06m (66)2015/20
Jude Dovey12.3 (47)2-12.6 (58)3.30m. (46)24.12m. (48)1996/20
Elliot Richings12.6 (44)2-22.8 (48)2.87m (32)26.75m (53)1777/20
Hari Dhir13.5 (35)2-09.4 (61)2.75m (28)17.95m (35)15911/20
Edward Hale15.9 (11)2-41.4 (29)2.37m (15)9.83m (19)7415/20
Dylan Thain14.5 (25)2-50.6 (20)2.16m. (10)8.27m (16)7117/20
Finlay Summerson-Watson16.0 (10)3-19.0 (10)2.13m (10)15.71m (31)6918/20
Dylan Penn15.2 (18)DNS1.66m. (10)9.45m. (18)46/3-
Rory Scullion (Para athlete)22.4 (10)---10/1-
Darcie Collins12.8 (42)2-15.6 (55)2.14m (10)13.21m (26)1339/14
Natalie Lasocka13.3 (37)2-29.4 (41)2.63m (24)8.87m (17)11911/14
Rose Hagan13.9 (31)2-37.7 (33)2.04m (10)20.34m (40)11412/14
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