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Results: 16th – 17th December 2023

By 19/12/2023January 4th, 2024Cross Country, Junior, Senior
General XC post

Wessex XC, Canford School

An early Christmas present! Some fantastic results including first positions for Charlie Collins (U17M), William Rabjohns (U20M), Emily Parker (U20W) and Fred Harris (SM) and a high number of second and third positions too. Once again we had a very strong SM team. Well done all!

44.31DHIR, Hari1.4kU11B
285.20PENN, Dylan1.4kU11B
34.37COLLINS, Darcie1.4kU11G
54.41MOORS, Abigail1.4kU11G
135.28HAGAN, Rose1.4kU11G
196.12GHAIBEH, Yasmin1.4kU11G
412.03HARRISON, Charlie3.3kU13B
212.30CHETWOOD, Jemima3.3kU13G
2315.34MOORS, Jessica3.3kU13G
411.15HARRISON, Oliver3.3kU15B
1011.55COLLINS, Max3.3kU15B
212.10EVANS, Polly3.3kU15G
1013.41DREW, Amelia3.3kU15G
114.48COLLINS, Charlie4.7kU17M
217.14WELLS, Erin4.7kU17W
517.34BENGTSSON, Matilda4.7kU17W
718.48BROWN, Lexie4.7kU17W
1019.27HAGAN, Mia4.7kU17W
1219.45WICKS, Millie4.7kU17W
1523.08DHIR, Eleena4.7kU17W
125.25RABJOHNS, William8.0kU20M
123.31PARKER, Emily6.6kU20W
126.07HARRIS, Fred8.0kSM
226.35GROSE, Jamie8.0kSM
327.19DOUBLEDAY, Robert8.0kM40
527.26TERRY, Luke8.0kM40
1028.46METCALFE, Alan8.0kSM
1229.12MILLER, Barry8.0kM40
2433.34WILDBUR, Simon8.0kM45
2833.54HOLMES, Les8.0kM40
3134.27KELLY, Steven8.0kM40
3234.37STREET, Andy8.0kM50
3635.50RIDOUT, James8.0kM40
4137.05ROBERTS, Kev8.0kM50
4743.47RITCHIE, David8.0kM60
4847.13HARRIS, Colin8.0kM50
5057.25HARDING, Nigel8.0kM60
5167.24CORNES, Peter8.0kM50
327.28HADDOW, Rachael6.6kSW
733.00NEAL, Jane6.6kW60
1437.03RITCHIE, Vanya6.6kW60
1541.47HORSWILL, Laura6.6kSW

Dorset Cross-Country Championships (included in the Wessex XC events):
Congratulations to our six gold, three silver and three bronze medallists.
Veteran Men: 1 Robert Doubleday, 2 Luke Terry, 4 Barry Miller. – Team: 1 Poole AC 7
Senior Men: 1 Fred Harris, 2 Jamie Grose, 5 Alan Metcalfe. – Team: 1 Poole AC 8
Under-20 Men: 1 William Rabjohns
Under-17 Men: 1 Charlie Collins
Under-15 Boys: 3 Oliver Harrison , 6 Max Collins
Under-13 Boys: 3 Charlie Harrison
Under-17 Women: 1 Erin Wells, 3 Matilda Bengtsson , 4 Lexie Brown.  – Team: 1 Poole AC 8
Under-15 Girls: 2 Polly Evans , 9 Amelia Drew
Under-13 Girls: 1 Jemima Chetwood

Cardiff Christmas Classic Indoor 3000M

Mark Ruby recorded a distance PB of 8:25.35 to win the B race.

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