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Results: 24th – 26th June 2022

By 25/06/2022July 6th, 2022Junior, Senior
Weymouth parkrun 2022

Weymouth parkrun

Fourteen of our runners travelled to Weymouth for another event in the 2022 Summer Series Champs. Four were first timers to the event and five got shiny new PBs!

20Jonathan ADDISONMaleSM25-2920:11
27Mike CUREMaleVM55-5920:40
30Steve KELLYMaleVM35-3920:53
42Kirstin HAYFemaleVW35-3921:45
44Mark KIMBERMaleVM50-5421:59
51Graham FILMERMaleVM55-5922:23
80 Graham STOAKESMaleVM60-6424:19
92Lynne WELCHFemaleVW55-5925:14
104Nicola SAWYERFemaleVW50-5425:45
112Zoe HOULTONFemaleVW55-5926:20
164Eve FILMERFemaleVW55-5929:36
208Gillian D COOKFemaleVW55-5933:31
211Andrew MILLSMaleVM60-6433:47
217Trisha MILLSFemaleVW65-6934:15

Giants Head Marathon

  • 353rd place, Ann Deverill in 7:09:56
  • 378th place, Grace Galton in 8:35:19

Giants Head Half Marathon

PosBibNameGenGen PosCatCat PosTime
73843Simon Blissm51Male 55-59402:18:58
202570Julie Blissf97Female 55-59702:48:53
313648Sue Hamf179Female 60-64703:22:31
314658Lorraine Cerquellaf180Female 40-444603:22:31

Sydling Hill 10k

  • 72nd place, Ian Hitching in 1:25:26
  • 108th place, Paul Whitmarsh in 1:33:21
  • 109th place, Celia Whitmarsh in 1:33:22

UK National Championships, Manchester

We have some excellent results to report from the UK National Champs:

Ed Bird won a silver medal in the U20M 3000m final with a new PB time of 8:18.22. He was the only u18 in the event and finished a mere 0.12s behind the winner. Ed has been selected to run for Great Britain and Northern Ireland at the European U18 Athletic Champs in Jerusalem in July.

Melissa Courtney-Bryant was runner up to winner Laura Muir in the 1500m final with a time of 4:17.72 which qualified her for the World Championships in the USA in July.

We had two other competitors at this event: Adam Booth finished 7th in his 400m hurdles heat with a time of 54:68. Sarah Kearsey finished 4th in her heat with a time of 63:57.

UKYDL, Match 3, Harrow

U17M100 ACaleb Cheng4/711.8
U17M100 BOllie Woollard3/512.4
U17M200 ACaleb Cheng3/624.5
U17M2K SCTyler Collins2/3?
U17MLJ ACaleb Cheng3/55.17m
U17MLJ BOllie Woollard3/34.87m
U17MTJ ATyler Collins3/410.69
U17MShot AOscar Ewen Mathews5/68.03m
U17MJav AOscar Ewen Mathews5/623.07
U17W200 B?2/526.8
U20M100 ALiam Nixon4/711.7
U20M200 ALiam Nixon3/623.9
U20W100 AMia Wilkinson7/714.4
U20W100H AMia Wilkinson2/216.1

Quadkids, 25th June

Name75m Time75m Points100mLJ DistanceLJ Points600m Time600m PointsHowler DistanceHowler PointsTotal pointsAgeRank
Marli Dobson12.60442.59232.16.65317.8535155U10G2
Ruby Lakey12.60442.54212.18.2518.9817133U10G5
Darcy Collins12.90411.68102.24.84514.4728124U10G6
Lumen Myers12.30473.08392.10.45936.3272217U11G1
Abigail Moors14.20282.90332.19.55013.3326137U10G4
Natalia Lasocka12.80422.61232.21.049114U10G7
Daisy Yates14.20282.33142.27.74215.2230114U10G7
Nyah House13.50352.86322.22.74713.8727141U10G3
Kunashe Mashove14.30272.24112.28.74179U10G9
Rys Bailey12.20483.30462.13.05729.0658209U13B
Tristan Aubrey12.60443.394926.4152195U10B3
Marcel Roku-Ali3.876522.2744109U13B
Marni Dhir14.20282.64242.15.65622.2644152U10B7
William Cowdrey11.80523.76622.02.96729.2958239U11B2
Jude Bovey13.00402.74282.08.46118.5237166U10B4
Dixon Roku-Ali3.254516.893378U13B
Elliot Richings13.70332.83312.23.84616.1832142U10B6
Jonah Richings10.70754.24612.10.47837.8359273U11B1
Fionn Slade14.60242.56222.19.55034.1468164 U10B5
Daniel Buckland3.394915.983180U13B
Marcel Roku-Ali14.9
Dixon Roku-Ali17.5
Daniel Buckland17.0


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