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Results: 26th – 28th January 2024

By 28/01/2024February 26th, 2024Junior, Senior

Bournemouth parkrun

The new Poole AC parkrun Championships got off to a terrific start at Bournemouth. There were quite few PBs, and some of our members were trying the course for the first time.

This championship series is based on age grade percentage (you can sort on the Age Grade column to see the positions in our series).

6Duncan COOPERMaleVM55-5986.57%18:22
21Jonathan ADDISONMaleSM25-2964.34%20:03New PB!
22Rachael HADDOWFemaleSW20-2473.45% 20:09First Timer!
24Harry ELLISMaleSM30-3464.71%20:10First Timer!
36Les HOLMESMaleVM40-4467.14%20:57New PB!
40Mark KIMBERMaleVM55-5972.48%21:12
42Steve KELLYMaleVM40-4464.50%21:19
45Andy STREETMaleVM50-5470.96%21:28First Timer!
56Andrew LEWISMaleVM40-4463.03% 21:49New PB!
65Simon FAIRWEATHERMaleVM35-3960.17%22:03
73Kevin MCGRORYMaleVM55-5970.33%22:25
79David C NEALMaleVM65-6975.53%22:37New PB!
84Richard SEDGLEYMaleVM35-3958.55%22:48New PB!
87Kevin ROBERTSMaleVM55-5968.32%22:53New PB!
94Graham FILMERMaleVM60-6469.11%23:12
109Lesley MOOREFemaleVW45-4968.08% 23:33
128Dave LUGSDENMaleVM55-5964.72%23:57First Timer!
135Neil WILLIAMSMaleVM45-4960.39%24:14
154Simon BLISSMaleVM55-5963.88%24:41
196Jane NEALFemaleVW65-6981.92%25:54First Timer!
197Paul WHITMARSHMaleVM55-5959.81%25:55New PB!
206Lynne WELCHFemaleVW55-5971.08%26:10New PB!
207Jackie GODDENFemaleVW55-5970.08%26:11
287Ian HITCHINGMaleVM55-5957.23%27:47
298Nicola SAWYERFemaleVW50-5462.35%27:56New PB!
307Zoe HOULTONFemaleVW55-5967.10%28:07
378Maggie MCGRORYFemaleVW55-5961.34%29:55New PB!
380Nicky EVANSFemaleVW50-5456.56%30:00First Timer!
390Celia WHITMARSHFemaleVW45-4954.65%30:19
415Julie BLISSFemaleVW55-5959.16%31:01New PB!
435Eve FILMERFemaleVW60-6460.01%31:53
436Steve BULLERMaleVM55-5948.51%31:57
463Kim Denise HUNTFemaleVW65-6962.60%32:53
497Laura HORSWILLFemaleVW35-3944.55%33:58
511Andrew MILLSMaleVM65-6948.78%34:43
536Trisha MILLSFemaleVW65-6957.84%36:08
578Ann DEVERILLFemaleVW55-5948.69%38:45
579Sue GRIESSERFemaleVW55-5946.67%38:47
580Jacqueline LOWEFemaleVW65-6954.68%38:48
597Sarah AUDRAINFemaleVW45-4939.09% 42:23

South of England Cross-Country Championships, Beckenham Place Park, London

Erin Wells achieved her best South of England cross-country, placing an excellent 17th, her third top-20 finish in successive years at Beckenham Place.

  • Under-17 Women (6km): 17 Erin Wells 22:40, 82 Mia Hagan 25:29
  • Senior Men (15km): 270 Alan Metcalfe 54:40, 555 Simon Wildbur 65:23

Welsh Indoor Championships, Cardiff

Emily Parker ran as a guest and won the women’s 1500m in a time of 4:27.45.

Dorset Sportshall Championships, Canford School

Under-13 Boys: One Lap: Final: 3 Jonah Richings 22.8 Heat Rankings: 4 J Richings 24.1 Standing Long Jump: 2 J Richings 2.14m Standing Triple Jump: 2 J Richings 6.55m Shot: 4 J Richings 6.44m

Under-11 Boys: One Lap: Final: 1 Tristan Aubrey 12.1 Heat Rankings: 1 Aubrey 12.4, 6= Harry Butt 13.0, 8= Charlie Power 13.1, 10 Elliot Richings 13.2 Two Lap: Final: 2 Jude Dovey 24.7 Heat Rankings: 2 J Dovey 25.2, 15 Edward Hale 28.1 Standing Vertical Jump: 2 J Dovey 41cm, 4 C Power 38cm, 8= Butt, Hale 33cm Standing Long Jump: 2 Aubrey 2.05m, 4 J Dovey 1.79m, 5 E Richings 1.78m, 10 Butt 1.68m Standing Triple Jump: 1 Aubrey 6.15m, 2 E Richings 5.27m, 12 Hale 3.70m Speedbounce: 1 Aubrey 52 Target Throw: 5 Freddie Dovey 9, 11= C Power, E Richings 5 Chest Push: 7 Hale 4.17, 9 F Dovey 3.68 Javelin: 1 C Power 19.55m Hi-Stepper: 1 J Dovey 13.0 Balance Beam: 4 F Dovey 36 4 x 2 Lap Relay: 1 Poole AC (Aubrey, E Richings, C Power, Dovey) 50.2

Under-15 Girls: Two Lap: 2 Mali Ballingall 24.2 Six Lap: 1 Ballingall 84.6 Standing Long Jump: 1 Ballingall 2.23m Standing Triple Jump: 1 Ballingall 6.40m Speedbounce: 2 Ballingall 73

Under-13 Girls: Shot: 1 Lumen Myers 8.52m

Under-11 Girls: One Lap: Heat Rankings: 6 Poppy Saunders 13.3, 12= Lottie Erminasa 13.6, 21= Lola Crombie 13.9 Standing Triple Jump: 8 Erminasa 4.44m, 14 Crombie 4.21m Speedbounce: 4= Erminasa 46 Hi-Stepper: 6 Saunders 14.2 Balance Beam: 1 Erminasa 60 Obstacle Relay: 4 Poole AC 39.4

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