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Results: 26th July – 2nd August 2023

By 29/07/2023August 9th, 2023Junior, Senior

The Great Field parkrun

Thirty-seven Poole AC runners took the opportunity to record a result in both the Summer Series and the Multi-Terrain championships. Fifteen were running the course for the first time and eleven returnees got shiny new PBs!

5John Stanley BASSINDERMaleVM55-5917:43
8Dave HICKSMaleVM50-5417:59
12Gareth HALEMaleVM35-3918:17
15Barry MILLERMaleVM40-4418:24
34Martin SELLMaleVM50-5420:15
40Jonathan ADDISONMaleSM25-2920:31
43Andrew LEWISMaleVM40-4420:39
51Mark KIMBERMaleVM50-5421:15
60Kevin MCGRORYMaleVM55-5921:33
65Les HOLMESMaleVM40-4421:48
76Steve KELLYMaleVM40-4422:16
84Kirstin HAYFemaleVW35-3923:03
87Andy STREETMaleVM50-5423:07
105Lesley MOOREFemaleVW45-4924:04:00
127Graham STOAKESMaleVM65-6925:00:00
129Paul WHITMARSHMaleVM55-5925:07:00
132Jackie GODDENFemaleVW55-5925:14:00
141Kimberley ROWLANDFemaleSW30-3425:36:00
142Matt HOLMANMaleVM35-3925:36:00
156Nicola SAWYERFemaleVW50-5426:18:00
179Pat BRADSHAWFemaleVW40-4427:20:00
194Zoe HOULTONFemaleVW55-5928:05:00
229Laura HORSWILLFemaleVW35-3929:23:00
238Steve BULLERMaleVM55-5929:47:00
239Maggie MCGRORYFemaleVW55-5929:47:00
242Sue HAMFemaleVW60-6430:01:00
249Celia WHITMARSHFemaleVW45-4930:21:00
268Tammy MCGOWANFemaleVW40-4431:07:00
273Kim Denise HUNTFemaleVW65-6931:37:00
302Andrew MILLSMaleVM65-6933:56:00
311Gordon LOWEMaleVM65-6934:36:00
327Lorraine CERQUELLAFemaleVW40-4436:20:00
330Grace GALTONFemaleVW45-4936:35:00
367Jacqueline LOWEFemaleVW65-6942:39:00
368Trisha MILLSFemaleVW65-6942:41:00
379Melanie COLESFemaleVW55-5947:45:00
389Ian HITCHINGMaleVM55-5901:00:27

Yeovil Evening Open 3 at Yeovil (27 July)

Under-17 Men: 100: 3 Caleb Cheng 11.96 200: 1 Cheng 23.54 1500: 3 Charlie Collins 4:26.79

Under-15 Boys: Long Jump: 1 Zachary Richings 5.86 High Jump: 1 Z Richings 1.60m

Under-13 Boys: 200: 1 Jonah Richings 29.80

Under-11 Boys: 75: 2 Elliot Richings 12.33 600: 5 E Richings 2:12.27 Long Jump: 3 E Richings 3.27m Howler: 6 E Richings 18.99m

Under-17 Women: 800: 1 Mia Hagan 2:29.84 High Jump: 1 M Hagan 1.50m

Under-13 Girls: Shot: 1 Lumen Myers 6.78m Discus: 1 Myers 20.70m Javelin: 1 Myers 25.50m

Under-11 Girls: 75: 5 Darcie Collins 12.64 600: 3 D Collins 2:07.61, Rose Hagan 2:14.25 Long Jump: 4 D Collins 3.36m, 5 R Hagan 2.52m Howler: 2 R Hagan 21.34m, 4 D Collins 18.20m

British Milers Club – Tooting Bec (26 July)

Senior Men: 1500 : 7 th Jamie Grose 3:35.64 (C Race) SB; 1 st Ben Gibbons 4:07.81 (E Race) SB

South-West Inter-Counties Championships at Exeter (30th July)

Poole AC was well represented on the Dorset squad at Exeter and our athletes gained eight gold medals, one silver and four bronzes.

Under-20 Men: 3,000: 1 Mark Ruby 8:43.59 400 Hurdles: 2 Tyler Collins 61.19

Under-17 Men: 800: 1 Henry Cornish 2:04.10

Senior Women: 800: 4 Sarah Kearsey 2:21.43. Jaya Collinson and Megan Mowbray each won twice.

Under-17 Women: 200: 3 Jaya Collinson 26.00 pb, 4 Lexi Lewin 26.91 3 00: 1 Collinson 42.11 300 Hurdles: 1 Collinson 46.55 800: 4 Mia Hagan 2:23.61 3,000: 1 Erin Wells 10:10.20 pb High Jump: 1 M egan Mowbray 1.60m pb, 5 M Hagan 1.50m Triple Jump: 1 Mowbray 11.04m, 4 Lewin 10.12mw pb (8.99m)

Under-15 Girls: 800: 3 Polly Evans 2:25.43

Under-13 Girls: Shot: 3 Lumen Myers 6.95m Discus: 1 Myers 18.96m Javelin: 3 Myers 24.79m.
Lumen Myers represented Dorset in two separate competitions in successive days. She gained three medals at Exeter, after two personal bests in stronger competition the previous day and another the previous Thursday evening at Yeovil Open.

BMC Gold Standard Meeting at Birmingham University ( 29th July)

Will Rabjohns and Ed Bird both delivered strong performances at this high-class meeting. Will recorded a club record 1:52.64 to win the 800m H Race. Ed secured a time of 8:13.65 for 18th in a very competitive 3000m A Race.

South of England Under-13 Inter-Counties Match at Walton on Thames (29th July)

Shot: 5 Lumen Myers 7 .11m pb Discus: 5 Myers 2 1.74m pb Javelin: 1B Myers 24.95m

British Milers Regional Open – Wormwood Scrubs 2nd August

Fred Harris was our lone representative on Wednesday at the Linford Christie Stadium, West London finishing 15th in the 1500M A race at the BMC event in a solid 4:01.31.

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