Results: 28-29 October 2017

By 30/10/2017Senior
Stickler 2017


A great turnout for the club at the Stickler this weekend which was also the last of this year’s multi-terrain championship.

1401:13:20SHROSBREE, Gregg Senior Male 389
2101:14:31SUTHERLAND, John Senior Male 468
16301:31:00CRAMOND, Doug MV60 22
19201:33:42MOORS, Daniel Senior Male 1
20001:34:27FILMER, Graham MV50 19
22301:36:03SNAPE, Clare  Senior Female 396
22401:36:04WOOD, David Senior Male 397
22901:36:29BRADSHAW, Chris Senior Male 262
23301:36:57 SAUNDERS, Richard MV50118
25101:38:02PANCHAUD, Jean-Pierre MV40 42
26601:39:01HENDES, LouiseSenior Female170
29601:41:42HAY, Kirstin Senior Female 32
29701:41:54GODDEN, Jackie FV50 191
31301:43:02RITCHIE, David MV50 461
31901:43:22DAWSON, Mark MV40 7
37701:47:42TOMLINSON, Matthew MV40 256
40001:50:21BUCK, Martin MV50 33
40901:51:12HILL, Georgia Senior Female 588
41901:52:25STOREY, James MV60 101
42701:53:45WELCH, Lynne FV50 418
42901:53:46BULLER, Steve MV40366
42801:53:46SAWYER, Nicola FV40 433
43201:53:56HOULTON, Zoe FV50443
43501:54:14TYLER, Gary MV40 20
47802:02:10HEPPLE, Jason MV508
47902:02:12FILMER, Eve FV50 18
54102:40:43MIDGLEY, Catherine FV40 99


Beachy Head Marathon

Thank goodness for Strava or we wouldn’t have known that Andrzej took part in this race! Andrzej Bubez finished in 1036th position, and 791st in his gender category in a chip time of 05:25:11. Well done.


Breamore 10k

Karen and Steve Gregory took part in the first Breamore House 10k, they finished the Partner Race in 9th position in a time of 2:22:1. Well done Team Gregory!

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