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Results: 28th – 29th October 2023


Cross Country runners are made of hardy stuff –  whilst other events were being cancelled across the country due to the heavy rain and flooding (including the New Forest 10), this weekend saw two XC competitions for our teams to enter. Congratulations to everyone who took part including quite a few who did both events. The men’s team in particular had a very high turnout – hopefully we can keep this going throughout the season. Amongst our terrific results, Charlie Collins won the U17 Wessex event and came 3rd in the U17 Hampshire race.

Hampshire League XC – Aldershot


Race PosVet PosNameCatTimeDistance
SM22Fred Harris34:149.7k
SM37Brian UnderwoodV4035:139.7k
SM92Barry MillerV4038:259.7k
SM162Mark Straffon42:469.7k
SM172Alan BarnettV6043:249.7k
SM173Harry Ellis43:289.7k
SM177Jonathan Addison43:509.7k
SM180Martin SellV5044:019.7k
SM202Steven KellyV4045:279.7k
SM224Andrew StreetV5047:189.7k
SM233Kevin RobertsV5048:519.7k
SM242Graham FilmerV5049:599.7k
SW24Rachel Haddow25:116k
SW8227Jo BrownV4028:526k
SW134Laura Horswill38:166k

Under 17s:

RacePos NameTimeDistance
U17M3Charlie Collins20:416k
U17M17Henry Cornish21:526k
U17M38Arun Dove24.376k
U15B10Max Collins14:124k
U17W6Erin Wells15:124k
U17W12Lexie Brown16:134k

Wessex League XC – Bryanston School


M409k233.13DOUBLEDAY, Robert
SM9k433.51METCALFE, Alan
M409k533.57MILLER, Barry
M409k1436.42UJVARI, Marc
M509k2039.18SELL, Martin
M459k2339.55WILDBUR, Simon
M409k2440.09HOLMES, Les
M509k2540.14MAPLE, Chris
M409k2740.49KELLY, Steven
M509k3242.38ROBERTS, Kev
M509k3543.04CROWLEY, Martin
M609k4251.53RITCHIE, David
M609k4561.52HARDING, Nigel
SW6.7k427.22HADDOW, Rachael
SW6.7k629.29NEAL, Becky
W606.7k1439.05RITCHIE, Vanya
SW6.7k1640.29HORSWILL, Laura
W506.7k1743.13CORNES, Nicola

Under 17s:

U11B1.9k27.12DHIR, Hari
U11G1.9k77.43MOORS, Abigail
U11G1.9k87.44COLLINS, Darcie
U11G1.9k98.01HOUSE, Nyah
U11G1.9k148.2SHADWELL, Ava
U11G1.9k259.14HAGAN, Rose
U11G1.9k279.26GHAIBEH, Yasmin
U13B3.1k2214.15PERRY, Josh
U13G3.1k2015.05MOORS, Jessica
U15B3.8k213.31COLLINS, Max
U15G3.8k214.36EVANS, Polly
U15G3.8k1016.38DREW, Amelia
U17M4.5k114.27COLLINS, Charlie
U17M4.5k1819.23POOLE, Albert
U17W4.5k318.05TAYLOR, Nancy
U17W4.5k1020.48HAGAN, Mia
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