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Results: 30th – 31st July 2022

By 30/07/2022August 3rd, 2022Junior, Senior

Durlston Country Park parkrun

A challenging run for the Poole AC Senior Multi Terrain champs, but worth it for the view!

17Kevin MCGRORYMaleVM55-5926:18First timer
25Graham FILMERMaleVM55-5927:10PB
31Martin SELLMaleVM50-5427:39First timer
64David RITCHIEMaleVM60-6432:46First timer
65Vanya RITCHIEFemaleVW55-5932:47First timer
109Maggie MCGRORYFemaleVW55-5938:12First timer
112Eve FILMERFemaleVW55-5938:42PB
126Andrew MILLSMaleVM60-6441:03First timer
131Trisha MILLSFemaleVW65-6942:12First timer
157Ian HITCHINGMaleVM55-5901:07:25Tailwalker

WSR Cider Weekend

Piggy Plod:

PosBibNameGenGen posCatCat posTime
7302Curtis Dohertym6Male 20-24100:52:24
12334Martin Sellm11Male 50-54200:54:57
134260Ann Deverillf71Female 55-59801:34:05
150333Tammy Frias-Roblesf84Female 40-442001:44:10
151284John Rowlandm67Male 65-69201:44:10
156243Amanda Smartf89Female 55-591101:53:34
157255Melanie Colesf90Female 55-591201:56:31
158254Sue Hamf91Female 60-64601:56:32

Frolic Solo:

  • 54th – Matt Holman with 7 laps (23.59 miles) in 6:42:41
  • 109th – Clare Julyan with 1 lap (3.37 miles) in 45:42

Team Dorset Lower Age Group, Eton

As a result of winning their fourth match (out of four) at Eton yesterday, the Team Dorset Lower Age-Group team of u13s and u15s won their division, effectively for two years in succession. Great result!

U13B800 BArchie Power7/72-53.46
U13B75H AMarcel Roku-Ali1/312.7
U13BHJ AMarcel Roku-Ali1/31.45m
U13BLJ BMarcel Roku-Ali1/64.18m
U13BJav AArchie Power3/725.45m
U13B4x100Marcel + 31/654.53
U13G1200 AAmelia Drew2/54-19.02
U15G100 BAntusa Roku-Elonga6/614.92
U15G200 ALexi Lewin3/727.36
U15GBMorgan S-Watson7/734.23
U15G300 ALexi Lewin3/643.74
U15GBIsla McPhail3/548.77
U15G800 BIsla McPhail4/52-33.55
U15G1500 ANancy Taylor1/64-53.01
U15G75H AAntusa Roku-Elonga4/416.33
U15GHJ AAmelia Stewart3=/71.35m
U15GLJ ALexi Lewin7/73.97m
U15GShot AMorgan S-Watson3/66.68m
U15GDisc BMorgan S-Watson1/314.01m
U15G4x300Nancy/Isla/Lexi + 14/53-11.05
U15B100 AElouan Biwole4/612.49
U15B200 BJuan Roku-Ali2/525.49
U15B300 BJoseph Power3/447.33
U15B800 BJoseph Power3/52-57.42
U15B80H AJuan Roku-Ali2/412.94
U15BBSeb Watson2/213.84
U15BHJ AHarry Robson2/71.60m
U15BBZac Richings1/41.45m
U15BLJ AHarry Robson1/65.52m
U15BBZac Richings1/55.09m
U15BShot AJuan Roku-Ali1/59.86m
U15BBSeb Watson1/38.47m
U15BDisc BSeb Watson2/218.02m
U15BJav BHarry Robson1/330.40m
U15B4x300Joseph/Zac +24/43-08.27
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