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Results 31st May – 2nd April 2018

By 01/04/2018April 8th, 2018Senior
Rotary Quarter 2018

Rotary 1/4 Marathon, 31st March 2018

Fantastic turn out by Poole AC at the latest Dorset Road Race league (DRRL) fixture.

Trophies and PBs galore!!

Details to follow.

PlaceTimeNameAge Group
200:35:53GROSE, JamieSenior Men
300:36:03ALBOROUGH, ChrisSenior Men
400:36:10UNDERWOOD, BrianVet Men 40 (MV1)
700:37:24BASSINDER, JohnVet Men 50 (MV2)
900:37:41ASHTON, MatthewSenior Men
1700:38:52MILLER, BarrySenior Men
2400:39:31DEWSBURY, MattVet Men 40 (MV1)
2500:39:35SUTHERLAND, JohnSenior Men
4200:41:07SKINNER, ReubenVet Men 40 (MV1)
4600:41:37BOND, AmySenior Ladies
5900:42:57BUNCH, CharlotteSenior Ladies
6700:43:51MOORE, LesleyVet Ladies 35 (FV1)
8600:45:25HIRST, MikeVet Men 60 (MV3)
12700:48:14KENNEDY, MarkVet Men 50 (MV2)
13400:48:36SNAPE, ClareVet Ladies 35 (FV1)
13500:48:37WOOD, DavidSenior Men
14800:49:12FILMER, GrahamVet Men 50 (MV2)
14900:49:14MOORE, LewisSenior Men
15500:49:28GILBERT, EricVet Men 60 (MV3)
17700:50:47OFFER, JamesSenior Men
19500:51:50TYLER, GaryVet Men 40 (MV1)
20600:52:26GREGORY, StevenVet Men 40 (MV1)
22500:53:27WELCH, LynneVet Ladies 50 (FV2)
25900:55:36PEEDELL, KarenVet Ladies 50 (FV2)
26000:55:39HOULTON, ZoeVet Ladies 50 (FV2)
26200:55:46BULLER, SteveVet Men 50 (MV2)
27500:56:40OFFER, JayneVet Ladies 50 (FV2)
29000:57:34SAWYER, NicolaVet Ladies 35 (FV1)
31100:59:06LOWE, GordonVet Men 60 (MV3)
31500:59:11STOREY, JamesVet Men 60 (MV3)
34101:02:02FILMER, EveVet Ladies 50 (FV2)
34501:02:26GREGORY, KarenVet Ladies 35 (FV1)
35401:02:56WHITTAKER, JanVet Ladies 50 (FV2)
35501:02:56LOWE, JacquelineVet Ladies 50 (FV2)
36101:03:23HITCHING, IanVet Men 50 (MV2)
37201:05:13HUNT, KimVet Ladies 50 (FV2)
37301:05:30STAINTON, SusanVet Ladies 50 (FV2)
40201:08:47DEVERILL, AnnVet Ladies 50 (FV2)
40501:09:06BRADSHAW, PatriciaVet Ladies 35 (FV1)
40701:10:08GALTON, GraceVet Ladies 35 (FV1)
41701:13:31ROBERTS, KevinVet Men 50 (MV2)
41801:13:51STOREY, DianeVet Ladies 50 (FV2)

Easter Bunny 10k, 2nd April 2018

A nice little stretch of the legs as a few members made their way to Yeovil for the annual Easter Bunny 10k.

57 395 Luke Conroy 00:43:22
319 91 Ann Deverill 01:06:51
325 416 Sue Griesser 01:07:01


Dorset Ooser Half Marathon

In the inaugural Badger Trail events, Richard Saunders completed the challenging half marathon to cross the line 28th in a time of 02:07:32. Nice job Richard!

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