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Results: 3k Time Trial June 2020

By 07/06/2020May 10th, 2022Junior, Senior

With the cancellation of  events due to COVID-19, the club held a virtual 3k time trial for 1st and 2nd claim members and friends from Under 11s through to Masters.

Here are the results.

Ben LewisU20M8:42
Mark RubyU15B9:201 in age-group
Brian UnderwoodM409:441 in age-group
Oliver JamesU17M9:47BAC 1 in a-g
Oscar Ewen MatthewsU13B10:172 claim 1 in a-g
Adam BoothU20M10:32
Fern KimberU17W10:372 claim 1 in a-g
Emily ParkerU17W11:00
Dylan GreenU15B11:03
Oliver DrewM3511:361 in age-group
Harry DrewU15B11:40
Jonah GreenU13B11:57
Chris BradshawM4012:33
Jake SmallU17M12:35
Graham FilmerM5512:441 in age-group
Amelia DrewU11G13:471 in age-group
Oliver HarrisonU11B13:481 in age-group
Adam Ewen MatthewsU11B14:02BAC
Ethan CrowleyU13B14:08
Martin CrowleyM4514:271 in age-group
Paul RabjohnsM5014:581 in age-group
Patricia BradshawW3515:121 in age-group
Rachel DrewW3515:51
Fiesta Ewen MatthewsW4016:16BAC 1 in a-g
Eve FilmerW5516:261 in age-group
Charlie HarrisonU11B16:45
Laura HorswillSW17:301 in age-group
Suzi CrowleyW4518:281 in age-group
Mark PauleyM5521:10
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