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Results: 3rd – 5th March 2023

Hampshire Cross Country, Kings Park

In the last Hampshire Cross Country match of the 2022/2023 season, Erin Wells continued her great form and was first in her race again. We had complete teams in the men’s and women’s senior races, and welcomed some newcomers to Cross Country – hopefully you enjoyed it!

U17 categories:

U17M6k12Henry Cornish20:07
U17M6k18Leo Riggs20:45
U15B4k7Charlie Collins13:49
U15B4k23Oliver Harrison14:44
U17W4k1Erin Wells14:48
U15G4k20Mia Hagan (non-scoring)16:56
U15G4k31Eleena Dhir19:30
U13G3k11Jemima Chetwood12:40
U13G3k28Olivia Riggs14:59
U11B2k3Charlie Harrison7:46
U11B2k16 Hari Dhir8:14
U11B2k48Josh Perry9:25
U11G2k15Darcie Collins10:00


RaceDistancePosVet PosNameCatTime
SW6k91Jessie Sutcliffe28:35
SW6k10454Vanya RitchieV5031:11
SW6k11463Lorraine CerquellaV4033:33
SW6k127Laura Horswill36:12
SW6k13078Tammy Frais-RoblesV4038:42
SM10k54Luke Terry34:12
SM10k5514John BassinderM5034:13
SM10k6616Dave HicksM4035:14
SM10k6818Robert DoubledayM4035:27
SM10k7622Barry MillerM4035:42
SM10k11044Alan BarnettM5038:02
SM10k123Jonathan Addison38:35
SM10k12656Martin SellM5038:48
SM10k14067Patrick JacksonM5039:55
SM10k14168Simon WildburM4039:55
SM10k14772Steven KellyM4040:08
SM10k17799Andrew StreetM5042:59
SM10k191111Kevin RobertsM5047:33
SM10k193113David RitchieM6049:47

European Indoor Championships, Istanbul

Melissa Courtney-Bryant won a fantastic European bronze medal in the 3000m, in a time of 8:41.19.


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