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Results: 4th – 10th March 2024

By 09/03/2024March 19th, 2024Cross Country, Junior, Senior

Poole parkrun

A fantastic number of our runners proudly displayed the club black and gold colours at Poole parkrun. This run features in two of our championships this year, so that could explain the high turnout! No-one was running the event for the first time but Dawn ANDREWS, Hayley MERIFIELD, Sharon READ, Rachael HADDOW, Nicholas HAM and Dave LUGSDEN all recorded PBs. Well done all.

The road race championship series is based on finish positions. The parkrun championship series is based on age grade percentage (you can sort on the Age Grade column to see the positions in this series). We had 10 runners over 80%.

PosNameGenCatTimeAge Grade
4Brian UNDERWOODMaleVM45-4916:5186.15%
6Luke TERRYMaleVM40-4417:0380.65%
7Dave HICKSMaleVM50-5417:0886.77%
8John Stanley BASSINDERMaleVM55-5917:4687.24%
9Duncan COOPERMaleVM55-5917:4889.33%
18Nicholas HAMMaleVM35-3919:0171.25%
24Matt DEWSBURYMaleVM45-4919:1175.67%
26Stephen HOGARTHMaleVM65-6919:1387.25%
28Dawn ANDREWSFemaleVW35-3919:2177.78%
34Hayley MARTINFemaleVW45-4919:4082.37%
38Neil MASTERMANMaleVM50-5419:4474.75%
40Jonathan ADDISONMaleSM25-2919:4565.32%
42Les HOLMESMaleVM40-4419:4671.16%
46Ross TELFORDMaleVM55-5919:4977.54%
53Steve KELLYMaleVM40-4420:0868.29%
55Rachael HADDOWFemaleSW20-2420:1173.33%
56Andy STREETMaleVM55-5920:1276.07%
62Mark KIMBERMaleVM55-5920:2975.02%
63Darren MOOREMaleVM55-5920:3174.90%
69Brett STEVENSMaleVM35-3920:4165.51%
73Martin SELLMaleVM50-5420:5172.50%
83Simon FAIRWEATHERMaleVM35-3921:0962.73%
84David C NEALMaleVM65-6921:1180.65%
92Dave LUGSDENMaleVM55-5921:2072.66%
97Nigel BROOKEMaleVM55-5921:2673.56%
121Andrew LEWISMaleVM40-4421:5862.59%
134Richard SEDGLEYMaleVM35-3922:1360.54%
145Lesley MOOREFemaleVW45-4922:3670.94%
149Neil WILLIAMSMaleVM50-5422:4364.93%
169Hayley MERIFIELDFemaleVW35-3923:0665.80%
186Martin CROWLEYMaleVM50-5423:2963.80%
187Robert STONEMaleVM65-6923:3071.35%
201Simon WILDBURMaleVM45-4923:5459.76%
206Tony PEACHMaleVM55-5924:0065.69%
209Jane NEALFemaleVW65-6924:0388.22%
224Kimberley ROWLANDFemaleVW35-3924:2361.31%
230John ROWLANDMaleVM65-6924:3271.06%
256Graham STOAKESMaleVM65-6925:0167.02%
261Sharon READFemaleVW50-5425:0470.35%
271Jayne OFFERFemaleVW55-5925:1373.76%
302Valerie WATERSFemaleVW65-6925:4280.09%
304Simon BLISSMaleVM55-5925:4561.23%
334David RITCHIEMaleVM60-6426:1662.12%
350Zoe HOULTONFemaleVW55-5926:3570.97%
354Matt HOLMANMaleVM35-3926:3749.53%
374Nicola SAWYERFemaleVW50-5426:5564.71%
375Kevin ROBERTSMaleVM55-5926:5658.04%
449Nicky EVANSFemaleVW50-5428:0260.52%
450Ian HITCHINGMaleVM55-5928:0356.68%
463Maggie MCGRORYFemaleVW55-5928:1864.84%
468Sarah DURLEY-WHITEFemaleVW45-4928:2856.91%
491Joanne GILLESPIEFemaleVW45-4928:5556.60%
510Paul WILSHERMaleVM45-4929:2149.86%
513Kim Denise HUNTFemaleVW65-6929:2571.05%
516Vanya RITCHIEFemaleVW60-6429:2765.87%
557Julie BLISSFemaleVW55-5930:1860.56%
567Gordon LOWEMaleVM65-6930:3257.10%
570Tammy MCGOWANFemaleVW40-4430:3651.42%
579James GALLAGHERMaleVM75-7930:4562.71%
581Nicola HALLFemaleVW50-5430:4754.47%
600Celia WHITMARSHFemaleVW45-4931:2652.70%
619Sue HAMFemaleVW60-6431:5062.72%
634Irene WOODHOUSEFemaleVW70-7432:1370.25%
689Annemarie POPHAM LITHGOWFemaleVW50-5434:1750.80%
694Lorraine CERQUELLAFemaleVW45-4934:2246.22%
701Trisha MILLSFemaleVW65-6934:4760.09%
728James STOREYMaleVM75-7936:3751.75%
730Andrew MILLSMaleVM65-6936:5045.97%
751Jacqueline LOWEFemaleVW65-6938:3055.11%
752Sue GRIESSERFemaleVW55-5938:3146.99%
753Diane STOREYFemaleVW70-7438:3760.64%
762Claire MARCHFemaleVW45-4939:2542.03%
765Steve SCOTTMaleVM55-5939:3338.85%
780Melanie COLESFemaleVW55-5943:1543.62%

UK Inter-County Cross-Country Championships, Wollaton Park, Nottingham

Poole AC provided 15 cross-country runners who donned the green vest of Dorset for the pinnacle of the domestic season. The Dorset positions are shown below in brackets. Great running everyone!

  • Senior Men (10km): 137 (1) Fred Harris 30:43, 268 (5) Alan Metcalfe 24:12 Team: 10 Dorset 2285
  • Under-20 Men (8km): 7 (1) William Rabjohns 22:52, 13 (2) Mark Ruby 23.25 Team: 16 Dorset 315
  • Under-17 Men (6km): 33 (1) Charlie Collins 18:33, 210 (5) Leo Riggs 20:29, 273 (7) Arun Dove 22:03 Team: 27 Dorset 464
  • Under-15 Boys (4km): 171 (3) Max Collins 14:04, 197 (5) Oliver Harrison 14:20 Team: 33 Dorset 667
  • Under-13 Boys (3km): 206 (4) Charlie Harrison 12:10 Team: 26 Dorset 500
  • Under-17 Women (5km): 49 (1) Erin Wells 18:34, 182 (3) Lexie Brown 20:34, 196 (4) Mia Hagan 20:56 Team: 29 Dorset 553
  • Under-15 Girls (4km): 103 (3) Polly Evans 15:56 Team: 18 Dorset 340
  • Under-13 (3km): 71 (2) Jemima Chetwood 12:24 Team: 20 Dorset 402

South-West Sportshall Championships, Torbay, Devon

  • Under-15 Girls: Four Lap: 3 Mali Ballingall 48.4 Standing Long Jump: 5 Ballingall 2.18m Speed Bounce: 7 Ballingall 67
  • Under-13 Boys: Two Lap: 4 Jonah Richings 22.3 Standing Long Jump: 3 J Richings 2.09m
  • Under-13 Girl: Shot: 1 Lumen Myers 9.05m
  • Under-11 Boys: Vertical Jump: 6 Charlie Power 39 Standing Long Jump: 7 Jude Dovey 1.83m Standing Triple Jump: 1 Tristan Aubrey 6.05m, 5 Elliot Richings 5.35m Speed Bounce: 3 Aubrey 52 Chest Push: 6 Dovey 5.40m Target Throw: 1 E Richings 16 Javelin: 1 C Power 17.00m
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