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Results: 4th April 2019

By 05/04/2019Senior
Senior athletes at Poole AC

Canford Heath 5k Handicap

The first in a Poole AC monthly series of 5k handicap runs around Canford Heath saw 28 people take part in rather wintery running conditions. Laura Horswill and Richard Knowles crossed the line first and claimed the wine. Mark Ujarvi and Kathryn Robson achieved the fastest times. Well done all, we look forward to seeing more of you next month!

These results are sorted by finish order. To sort the results by finish time click on the top of the time column.

Pos.No.NameBase TimeDelay TimeTimeTotal Time
168Laura Horswill29:0001:0026:1827:18
2485Richard Knowles25:0005:0023:5828:58
3477Damian Startin21:0009:0020:1029:10
4143Mark Ujarvi20:0010:0019:2329:23
5447Kathryn Robson23:0007:0022:2529:25
6430Jayne Offer25:0005:0024:2829:28
7102Pat Dominey25:0005:0024:3029:30
8475Dave Ritchie26:0004:0025:4229:42
9479Brett Stevens21:0009:0020:4529:45
10440Jacqui Godden25:0005:0024:5329:53
11476Vanya Ritchie28:0002:0027:5729:57
12375Sarah Webb26:0004:0026:0430:04
13314John Brian22:0008:0022:0630:06
14361Graham Filmer23:0007:0023:1130:11
15374Eve Filmer30:0000:0030:1530:15
16333Kirstin Hay22:3007:3023:4930:19
17482Bob Stone21:3008:3021:5630:24
18480Karl Parry21:0009:0021:3130:31
1982Mike Hirst21:0009:0021:3330:33
20481John Cobb23:0007:0023:4930:49
21483Caroline Thomas28:0002:0029:0031:00
22446Cheryl Knott27:0003:0028:0731:07
23216Karen Gregory28:3001:3030:0531:35
24478Patrick Jackson20:0010:0021:3731:37
25484Kevin Stockwell20:3009:3022:2131:51
26152Kevin McGrory22:0008:0023:5631:56
27174Lesley Moore21:0009:0023:1332:13
28126Donald Harper22:0008:0025:2833:28
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