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Results: 5-6th October, 2019

By 06/10/2019May 10th, 2022Junior, Senior
Poole AC at BMF 2019

Well that was a busy weekend packed full of brilliant running. Well done #TeamPooleAC

BMF Junior 5k

PosName (Number)Chip timeGener
11Robert Taylor (55205)19m 39sMale
33Hugo Young (55232)22m 14sMale
110Morgan Summerson-watson (55240)29m 56sFemale

BMF Junior 2k

PosName (Number)Chip timeGender
5Isla Mcphail (60348)7m 22sFemale
19Oliver Harrison (60345)7m 51sMale
30Izzy Garavini (60320)8m 2sFemale
41Euan Mcphail (60373)8m 12sMale
48Seth Woolnough (60533)8m 23sMale
108Monty Spence (60102)9m 15sMale
213Lizzie Taylor (60745)11m 20sFemale

BMF Junior 1.5k

PosName (Number)Chip timeGender
5Jake Arnold (62330)6m 11sMale
296Dorothy Taylor (62352)9m 31sFemale

BMF Supernova 5k

PosName (Number)Chip timeCategory
5Josh Smith (50106)16m 50sMale
11James Eden (50116)17m 45sOver 40 : Male
54Finn Pardy (50209)21m 20sMale
137Izzy Garavini (50511)24m 17sFemale
169Amelia Drew (82837)25m 16sFemale
178Charlotte Smith (50305)25m 33sFemale
182Alan Champion (50343)25m 37sOver 60 : Male
374Monty Spence (50102)29m 33sMale
480Ethan Crowley (50803)30m 59sMale
481Julie Bliss (50622)30m 59sOver 50 : Female
639Jonty Spence (50101)33m 37sMale
1036Grace Galton (52930)38m 32sOver 40 : Female
1056Ann Deverill (51704)38m 41sOver 50 : Female

BMF Supersonic 10k

PosName (Number)Chip timeCategory
477Joanne Gillespie (45286)52m 19sOver 40 : Female
924Max Eden (44234)58m 25sMale
1376Jacquie Obrien (44230)1h 4m 29sOver 50 : Female
1379Chloe Crowther (46331)1h 4m 31sFemale
1544Pamela Noble (46193)1h 7m 12sOver 65 : Female
1703Tracey Blake (46207)1h 10m 16sOver 45 : Female
1752Grace Galton (46440)1h 11m 4sOver 40 : Female
1763Ann Deverill (46442)1h 11m 18sOver 50 : Female
1792Alison Moore (46663)1h 11m 46sOver 55 : Female
2057Melanie Coles (46597)1h 20m 54sOver 55 : Female

BMF Half Marathon

PosName (Number)Chip timeCategory
16Chris Alborough (20023)1h 16m 47sMale
87Jon Spear (20155)1h 26m 57sOver 45 : Male
106Ryan Pegoraro (21258)1h 28m 28sMale
144Neil Masterman (21156)1h 30m 16sOver 45 : Male
148Jean-pierre Panchaud (20243)1h 30m 40sOver 40 : Male
249Darren Moore (20365)1h 34m 46sOver 50 : Male
492Damian Startin (21148)1h 41m 47sMale
621Graeme Mansell (21859)1h 44m 14sOver 50 : Male
1541Rajiv Solanki (83039)1h 58m 18sMale
1700Karen Peedell (26162)2h 0m 37sOver 55 : Female
1749Zoe Houlton (23257)2h 1m 21sOver 50 : Female
1805Ian Hitching (23621)2h 2m 26sOver 55 : Male
3462Kellie Cash (27980)2h 40m 22sOver 40 : Female

BMF Marathon

PosName (Number)Chip timeCategory
43 (3rd Female)Juliet Champion (580)3h 2m 57sOver 35 : Female
55Alan Barnett (402)3h 7m 32sOver 55 : Male
160Steve Williams (1440)3h 25m 17sOver 45 : Male
163Ray Quarrie (1255)3h 25m 35sOver 45 : Male
2096Gary Tyler (4783)6h 22m 19sOver 45 : Male
2100Kat Smart (1376)6h 24m 25sFemale

Clarendon Marathon

Matthew Tomlinson flew the Poole AC flag at the Clarendon Marathon crossing the line in 4:55:51

Loch Ness Marathon

The marathon couple themselves Barry and Kirstin took on the Loch Ness Marathon. Barry crossed the line in 2:49:53 with Kirstin in a time of 3:52:03


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