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Results: 6th – 8th May 2022

By 08/05/2022May 20th, 2022Junior, ParaAthletics, Senior

Dark Ox

  • 20th, Donald Harper in 54:52
  • 105th, Laura Horswill in 1:22:23

Frolic Solo

Congratulations to Stacey, Lynne, Zoe, Nicola and Celia who completed a marathon distance.

37Stacey Connolly526.205:52:55
47Lynne Welch526.206:21:40
48Zoe Houlton526.206:23:10
48Nicola Sawyer526.206:23:11
59Celia Whitmarsh526.207:04:16
84Paul Whitmarsh211.205:25:25

Light Ox

  • 58th, Ann Deverill in 1:09:53
  • 80th, Emma Henderson-Bishop in 1:18:52


Team Dorset leads the Lower Age Group with 606 points after winning match 1 at Southampton.

75 BJemima Chetwood2/711.5Season Best
150 BJemima Chetwood1/622.1PB
800 n/sAmelia Drew2/42-45.7PB
1200 AJemima Chetwood4/64-21.1
4 x 100Jemima + 34/758.0
800 BCameron Wicks3/62-38.9PB
1200 ANoel Slade4/64-00.7PB
75 H BMarcel Roku-Ali1/313.6PB Debut
HJ AMarcel Roku-Ali1/31.44mPB Debut
100 BPolly Evans6/714.4SB
200 ALexi Lewin5/727.9PB
200 BMorgan Summerson-Watson6/634.4PB
300 ALexi Lewin2/644.4PB
300 BEleena Dhir3/449.8PB
800 BPolly Evans3/52-32.4PB
n/sEleena Dhir5/72-48.2SB
75 H ABeatrice Hamblin2/413.1equal PB
HJ ABeatrice Hamblin2/31.43mequal PB
HJ BAmelia Stewart1/31.40mPB
LJ ABeatrice Hamblin3/74.48m
Shot BMorgan Summerson-Watson3/56.18m3k. PB
4 x 100Polly/Lexi/Bea/ + 14/654.8
4 x 300Eleena + 33/43-19.9
100 AElouan Biwole4/613.4
100 BSeb Watson3/313.3PB
1500 AOliver Harrison3/64-58.2PB
80 H BJuan Roku-Ali1/213.8PB Debut
HJ AHarry Robson2/41.61mPB
HJ BJuan Roku-Ali1/31.50mPB
LJ AHarry Robson1/45.68mPB
Shot BSeb Watson3/68.23mPB Debut
Discus ASeb Watson3/622.70mPB Debut
Javelin AEthan Crowley1/522.99m
Javelin BElouan Biwole1/420.14m.
4 x 100Seb + 32/229.7
4 x 300Oliver + 32/33-04.8

Somerset Schools AA Combined Events Championships

Poole AC u15G member Beatrice Hamblin competed in the Junior Girls pentathlon as a guest from Dorset. She finished 9th overall with 2070 points.

British Wheelchair Racing Association (BWRA) National Track Champs

These championships were held at Stoke Mandeville on May 8th. Two of our Para Group attended and achieved these results. Well done to both athletes.

M100m. Race 4:

  • 2. George Fripp. 22.41 (out of eight athletes.)
  • 8. George Bradshaw. 31.53

M 200m. Race 4:

  • 1. George Fripp. 42.16 (out of five athletes)
  • 4. Alex Bradshaw. 56.12

M 400m. Race 5:

  • 3. George Fripp. 1-42.16 (out of five athletes)
  • 4. Alex Bradshaw. 2-02.52

M 800m. Race 4:

  • 5. George Fripp. 3-36.21 (out of five athletes)
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