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Results: Broadstone Quarter 2020

By 01/01/2020May 10th, 2022Senior
Poole AC at Broadstone Quarter Marathon

So 2020 started off with a bang with Chris Alborough taking the win at the annual Broadstone Quarter Marathon and Juliet Champion securing second female. Well done to everyone who started their 2020 off in style.

A special mention to Catherine Midgley who secured the Fidelity Award for completing all 12 races in the DRRL (Dorset Road Race League) in 2019.

14Chris AlboroughMMale Senior (21-39)35:45:0035:46:00
7137Robert DoubledayMMale Senior (21-39)37:53:0037:54:00
19217Dave HicksMMale 40-4938:53:0038:54:00
25333Liam OpenshawMMale Junior (16-20)39:16:0039:17:00
26190Gareth HaleMMale Senior (21-39)39:28:0039:30:00
34100Andy ClementsMMale 60-6940:22:0040:30:00
4491Juliet ChampionFFemale 35-4941:24:0041:27:00
56292Neil MastermanMMale 40-4942:17:0042:21:00
73236Patrick JacksonMMale 40-4944:20:0044:24:00
78222Stephen HogarthMMale 60-6944:32:0044:36:00
81474Rob WickhamMMale 50-5944:37:0044:44:00
83141Oliver DrewMMale Senior (21-39)44:50:0044:53:00
9864Nigel BrookeMMale 50-5945:27:0045:33:00
116255Mark KennedyMMale 60-6946:27:0046:44:00
138477Simon WildburMMale 40-4947:45:0048:05:00
13970Joanna BrownFFemale 35-4947:51:0048:06:00
155167Lizzie GallowayFFemale Senior (21-34)49:44:0050:00:00
170314David NealMMale 60-6950:41:0050:49:00
180330Jayne OfferFFemale 50-5951:34:0051:44:00
187305Daniel MoorsMMale 40-4952:15:0052:22:00
225245Emma JonesFFemale 35-4954:32:0054:50:00
260458Madelene Vaughan-JohnceyFFemale Senior (21-34)57:13:0057:35:00
28088Roy CarrMMale 70+59:31:0059:32:00
295432James StoreyMMale 70+01:00:3801:00:47
373301Andrew MillsMMale 60-6901:08:3301:08:56
407450Caroline ThomasFFemale 35-4901:21:1701:21:35
408130Ann DeverillFFemale 50-5901:21:2501:21:52
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