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Results: Canford Heath Time Trial

By 28/03/2023Senior
Canford Heath time trial

A soggy evening saw 21 runners tackle the first 5k time trial of the year, in Canford Heath. Congratulations to Paul Whitmarsh and Maggie McGrory who crossed the line first.

Results by handicap:

PosNameTimeH'cap Time
1Paul Whitmarsh23:3329:33
2Maggie McGrory28:2129:51
3Kim Hunt29:3830:08
4Laura Horswill29:3930:09
5Craig Stoakes18:2730:12
6Brett Stevens20:1430:14
7Martin Sell19:5630:26
8Neil Williams23:0330:33
9Kevin McGrory21:0330:33
10Andrew Lewis20:3830:38
11Mike Hirst21:4230:42
12Graham Filmer23:1930:49
13Tony Peach22:5130:51
14Robin Kennedy30:0331:03
15Duncan Cooper18:5731:07
16Jonathan Addison20:1331:13
17Darren Moore21:2331:23
18Mark Kimber21:5631:56
19Martin Dexter23:1632:16
20Nigel Harding33:1633:16
21Gareth Hale22:2033:50

Results by time:

1Craig Stoakes18:27
2Duncan Cooper18:57
3Martin Sell19:56
4Jonathan Addison20:13
5Brett Stevens20:14
6Andrew Lewis20:38
7Kevin McGrory21:03
8Darren Moore21:23
9Mike Hirst21:42
10Mark Kimber21:56
11Gareth Hale22:20
12Tony Peach22:51
13Neil Williams23:03
14Martin Dexter23:16
15Graham Filmer23:19
16Paul Whitmarsh23:33
17Maggie McGrory28:21
18Kim Hunt29:38
19Laura Horswill29:39
20Robin Kennedy30:03
21Nigel Harding33:16
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