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Results: Cow Plop Plod 2023

By 05/07/2023Senior
Poole AC at Cow Plop Plod

A bit of a rainy one, but still a great turnout. Jon Clemas crossed the line first, and  Nicola Hall was the first female across the line. The results below show the finishers by time, not handicap.

1Luke Terry19:28
2Dave Hicks19:55
3Jon Clemas20:11
4John Bassinder20:17
5Barry Miller20:47
6John Hall22:18
7Chris Jones22:27
8Ollie Hall22:44
9Martin Sell22:46
10Brett Stevens23:09
11Ross Telford23:30
12Andrew Lewis23:34
13Steve Kelly23:38
14Darren Moore24:06
15Andrew Street24:24
16Donald Harper24:48
17Kevin McGrory24:53
18Sarah Chaloner24:54
19Les Holmes25:08
20Graham Filmer25:52
21Kirstin Hay26:15
22Graham Stoakes26:19
23Kimberley Rowland26:39
24Kathryn Robson26:44
25John Rowland27:52
26Lesley Moore28:15
27Jackie Godden28:20
28Jessie Jo Sutcliffe28:44
29Nicola Sawyer30:21
30Neil Williams30:25
31Zoe Houlton31:35
32Nicola Hall32:54
33Sarah Durley -White34:25
34Laura Horswill34:34
35Maggie McGrory34:42
36Kim Hunt35:28
37Robin Kennedy38:41
38Andy Mills38:46
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