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Results: Junior competitions, September 2020

By 30/09/2020May 8th, 2022Junior
Poole AC Junior Athletes

Yeovil Middle Distance and Steeplechase Open 20/09/2020

Most of the following are self-explanatory, remembering that virtually all these races were graded and mixed rather than being in gender age-groups. One clarification: in Ed Bird’s first 1500m race the bell was not rung to indicate the final lap and his resulting time was relatively poor.  He appealed and asked for another chance, which was granted and resulted in an excellent PB (and a victory by 35 seconds !)

800m. Race 1Charlotte SmithU17W7/72:58.88SB
Race 3Ashia WilsonU17W6/62:19.44SB
Race 4Heidi TaylorU17W7/72:28.02SB
Race 6Camilla BrownU17W2/62:28.01PB
1500m. Race 1Josh SmithU17M2/84:03.79PB
1500m. Race 1William RabjohnsU15B64:10.50
Race 2Edward BirdU17M1/64:19.38
Race 4Edward BirdU17M1/94:09.03PB
Race 4Isobel RabjohnsU17W75:11.61SB
Race 5Leo RiggsU15B6/75:05.55PB
Race 6Lexie BrownU15G3/95:04.25PB
3000m. Race 1Mark RubyU17M5/129:17.74PB
3000m. Race 1Liam OpenshawU20M99:37.10PB
3000m. Race 1Ryan OpenshawU17M1210:34.23PB

Bournemouth AC Autumn Field Open 20/09/2020

This was the latest in a series of Meetings staged by BAC at King’s Park.   Outstanding on the day were the Javelin performances of Harry M and Ethan C.  (Harry was only 7 cm. behind the 12-year-old Club Record !)  Again the events were graded.

High Jump 1Jack EvansU17M6/71.57m.SB
Discus MRichard WheelerM553/427.54m.
Discus MRichard WheelerM553/328.88m.SB
U17WNiamh KirwinU17W4/623.82m.
Hammer MRichard WheelerM553/327.47m.SB
Javelin U17MHarry MidgleyU17M1/141.48m.
Javelin U17MHarry MidgleyU17M1/144.78m.PB
U17WCharlotte PiperU17W3/431.64m.
U13Ethan CrowleyU13B3/424.98m.PB

Club Championships Track Results (Ashdown) 26/09/20

Considering we have been back to training/coaching for only a month, it was predictable that numbers would be limited. Thanks to the parents and their athletes who braved the wintry N-W wind and made the effort to come and compete. Thanks too to all the officials and others who came to validate a “Permit” match so that performances could be published on Power of 10. The gusty wind was too strong for some of the sprinters to have their times legalised, being over 2.0 m/s. Multiple PBs. Club Record for Ed!

The small numbers resulted in a number of the older age-groups having their events combined together.

U11B75mCharlie Evans1/511.6
U11B75mLeon M’Lenga212.5
U11B75mCharlie Harrison312.5
U11B75mNoah Clinton412.8
U11B75mDaniel Buckland513.4
U11B600mCameron Wicks1/41-57.8
U11B600mJake Arnold22-05.4
U11B600mCharlie Evans32-06.0
U11B600mCharlie Harrison42-06.2
U13B100mAlfie Curtis1/214.9w
U13B100mMark Kiai215.0w
U13B800mOliver Harrison1/12-52.2
U13B200mJosh Baker1/331.3
U13B200mAlfie Curtis232.1
U13B200mHarry Williams332.5
U15B100mCaleb Cheng1/312.9
U15B100mTyler Collins213.0w
U15B100mMarcus Pidgley (Para)314.9
U15B200mCaleb Cheng1/326.5
U15B200mTyler Collins226.7
U15B200mMarcus Pidgley (Para)331.3
U15B800mHenry Cornish1/22-23.4
U15B800mHarry Drew22-41.9
MIXED800mAdam Booth (u20M)1/42-04.1
MIXED800mMark Ruby (u17M)22-05.8
MIXED800mIsobel Rabjohns(u17W)32-31.2
MIXED800mMillie Small (u17W)42-54.3
MIXED3000mEdward Bird (u17M)1/68-47.7
MIXED3000mLiam Openshaw(u20M)29-36.3
MIXED3000mOscar Ewen-Matthews(u15B)39-56.3
MIXED3000mFern Kimber (u20W)410-45.3
MIXED3000mLeo Riggs (u15B)510-55.2
U11G75mMali Ballingall1/212.1w
U11G75mGeorgina Stapleton214.8
U11G600mMali B1/11-58.7
U13G100mElizabeth Dawson1/414.3w
U13G100mPolly Evans214.8w
U13G100mBeatrice Hamblin315.4
U13G100mMahlia-Pia Johnson415.5w
U13G800m.Nancy Taylor1/32-37.3
U13G800m.Elizabeth Dawson22-51.9
U13G800m.Polly Evans33-05.5
U13G200mElizabeth Dawson1/130.8
MIXED Race 1.100mSam Bowen (u17M)1/411.9
MIXED Race 1.100mJamie Paton (u20M)212
MIXED Race 1.100mJaya Collinson (u15G)313.5
MIXED Race 1.100mLeah Watts (u17W)413.6
MIXED Race 2.100mEmma B. Araujo(u15G)1/315
MIXED Race 2.100mElizabeth Le Rossignol sw218.1
MIXED Race 2.100mNathan Blackie (W/Ch)318.1
MIXED Race 1. 200m200mSam Bowen1/324.5
MIXED Race 1.200mJaya Collinson227.1
MIXED Race 1.200mEmma B Araujo331.1w
MIXED Race 2.200mNathan Blackie1/232.5
MIXED Race 2.200mElizabeth Le Rossignol238.5
U17W400mHeidi Taylor1/161.7
WCh800mNathan Blackie1/12-24.4
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