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Results: PAC 3k Track, 2nd August 2022

By 02/08/2022Senior

Another great turnout for the popular Summer Series 3000m race around the track. Well done everyone!

Race 1:

1Les Holmes12:32
2Kimo Osmo12:59
3Eric Gilbert13:12
4Jayne Offer13:21
5Graham Stoakes13:46
6Kimberley Rowland14:04
7Vanya Ritchie14:16
8Jackie Godden14:20
9Jessie Jo Sutcliffe14:38
10Dave Ritchie14:41
11Pat Bradshaw14:46
12Clare Julyan14:48
13Robin Kennedy15:24
14Zoe Houlton15:46
15Mandy Grannes15:57
16Nicola Hall16:11
17Sarah Durley -White16:54
18Laura Horswill17:05

Race 2:

1Luke Terry09:46
2Craig Stoakes10:25
3Curtis Doherty10:56
4Alan Barnett11:00
5John Hall11:04
6Stephen Hogarth11:05
7Reuben Skinner11:19
8Jonathan Addison11:24
9Stewart Newman11:41
10Steve Kelly11:49
11Brett Stevens11:54
12Kevin Roberts11:57
13Hayley Merriefield12:01
14Kevin McGrory12:05
15Mark Kimber12:14
16Graham Filmer12:31
17Mike Hirst12:33
18Ollie Hall12:42
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