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Results: Peninsula 10k Handicap, 5th October 2021

By 06/10/2021Senior
Poole AC senior general image

Despite the strong winds and a bit of rain, 45 runners took part in the 10k handicap race around the Sandbanks peninsula, part of the 2021 Club Championships. The results are shown below, ordered by finish time. Click on the header of the Actual Time column to sort the results by actual run time.

Kathryn Robson and Kev Roberts were the first across the line, Duncan Cooper and Kirstin Hay posted the fastest male and female times.

NameOverall TimeDelay TimeActual Time
Kathryn Robson01:04:2216:000:48:22
Kevin Roberts01:04:4111:000:53:41
Kirstin Hay01:05:4720:000:45:47
Graham Filmer01:06:0922:000:44:09
Duncan Cooper01:06:1130:000:36:11
Mike Hirst01:06:1922:000:44:19
Mark Kennedy01:06:5023:000:43:50
Dave Ritchie01:06:5411:000:55:54
Vanya Ritchie01:06:5611:000:55:56
Trisha Mills01:07:0300:001:07:03
Karen Gregory01:07:0308:000:59:03
Keith Tucker01:07:0422:000:45:04
James Ridout01:07:0624:000:43:06
Michael Crane01:07:0918:000:49:09
Tim Fudge01:07:1025:000:42:10
John Brian01:07:1523:000:44:15
Darren Moore01:07:1924:000:43:19
Becca Ellis01:07:2920:000:47:29
Jacqui Lowe01:07:4200:001:07:42
Mark Ujarvi01:07:4328:000:39:43
Pat Jackson01:07:5826:000:41:58
Craig Stoakes01:08:0026:000:42:00
Brett Stevens01:08:0624:000:44:06
Kim Hunt01:08:1208:001:00:12
Steve Kelly01:08:1325:000:43:13
Mark Kimber01:08:2324:000:44:23
Jackie Godden01:08:2916:000:52:29
Andy Street01:08:4220:000:48:42
Jayne Offer01:08:4520:000:48:45
Val Walters01:09:1511:000:58:15
Kevin McGrory01:09:1621:000:48:16
Jonathan Addison01:09:1624:000:45:16
Matt Johnson01:09:1824:000:45:18
Zoe Houlton01:09:2511:000:58:25
Nicola Sawyer01:09:2611:000:58:26
Sunita Muir01:09:5123:000:46:51
Andrew McTaggart01:10:3011:000:59:30
Paul Wilsher01:10:3821:000:49:38
Celia Whitmarsh01:11:5111:001:00:51
Kimberley Rowland01:11:5218:000:53:52
Matt Holman01:11:5318:000:53:53
Di Storey01:12:1700:001:12:17
Gordon Lowe01:12:1700:001:12:17
Ann Deverill01:14:2100:001:14:21
Grace Galton01:14:2200:001:14:22
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