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Results: Roy Carr 10k 2024

By 10/04/2024Senior

The very popular Roy Carr handicap 10k, which routes round the Sandbanks peninsula, attracted 52 runners this year.

Luke Terry and Dawn Andrews were the fastest male and female finishers. Craig Lewis was first to cross the line. The results below are sorted by time:

1Luke Terry35:47
2John Bassinder36:17
3Dave Hicks36:25
4Jason Robbins39:13
5Craig Stoakes39:46
6Dawn Andrews40:57
7Marc Ujarvi41:01
8Nicholas Ham41:16
9Hayley Martin41:20
10John Hall41:22
11Ross Telford41:36
12Jonathan Addison41:50
13Rachel Haddow42:01
14Les Holmes42:07
15Neil Masterman42:09
16Patrick Jackson42:27
17Simon Wildbur42:32
18Martin Sell43:01
19Andy Street43:06
20Matt Bosanquet43:40
21Steve Kelly43:45
22Graham Filmer44:27
23Kevin McGrory44:55
24Gen Crisford45:11
25Dave Lugsden45:16
26Mark Kimber46:03
27Mark Kennedy46:06
28Judith Vlaarkamp46:09
29Ollie Hall46:21
30Darren Moore46:29
31Craig Lewis46:35
32James Ridout47:45
33Matt Holman48:00
34Mike Hirst48:31
35Neil Williams50:04
36Sharon Read50:07
37Tony Peach50:19
38Kimberley Rowland50:24
39Eric Gilbert50:32
40Graham Stoakes51:22
41Jayne Offer52:01
42Paul Whitmarsh52:28
43Jessie Jo Sutcliffe53:42
44Melanie Ottway54:57
45Nicola Sawyer56:52
46Amy Cash57:31
47Sarah Durley-White1:00:38
48Zoe Houlton1:00:41
49Kim Hunt1:01:10
50Celia Whitmarsh1:02:38
51Julie Bliss1:02:52
52Nicola Hall1:03:56
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