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Results: Roy Carr 10k 2023

By 19/04/2023April 11th, 2024Senior

An amazing total of fifty-four runners took part in the second Roy Carr 10k handicap race, held in memory of Roy who was such an important part of the club. We were delighted that Roy’s widow Val came to support the runners and present the trophy to Kev Roberts who crossed the finish line first.

Thanks to Mike Cure and rest of the team who helped out on the night.

Results by finish order:

Name Cumulative TimeRun Time
Kevin Roberts1:06:5446:22
Melanie Otway1:07:4456:10
Maggie McGrory1:08:2256:29
Wayne Dolman1:08:2343:25
Jackie Godden1:08:2849:29
Matt Holman1:08:5648:22
Ross Telford1:09:0942:04
Steve Buller1:09:1058:37
Darren Moore1:09:1141:45
Angela Holland1:09:1958:46
Kim Hunt1:09:281:00:49
Jayne Offer1:09:3347:41
Celia Whitmarsh1:09:5055:25
Dale holland1:09:5945:43
Kirstin Hay1:10:2443:49
Kathryn Robson1:10:2748:16
Lesley Moore1:10:3146:17
Andrew Street1:10:3243:55
Trisha Mills1:10:341:09:33
Kevin McGrory1:10:3543:09
Mark kennedy1:10:3545:16
Brett Stevens1:10:4542:05
John Bassinder1:10:4636:08
Nicola Sawyer1:10:5053:57
Ben Pilley1:10:5250:11
Graham Filmer1:10:5747:47
Reuben Skinner1:10:5743:31
Craig Stoakes1:11:0538:42
Graham Stoakes1:11:0751:55
Tony Peach1:11:1244:50
Martin Sell1:11:2340:56
Neil Williams1:11:2748:08
Herve Tribouilloy1:11:2751:29
Damian Startin1:11:3244:54
Clare Julyan1:11:3558:05
Benjamin Williams1:11:4637:16
Mike Hirst1:11:5044:50
Kimberley Rowland1:11:5451:18
Andrew Lewis1:11:5843:46
Duncan Cooper1:12:1838:35
Zoe Houlton1:12:2355:32
Donald Harper1:12:2448:45
Stephen Hogarth1:12:2544:04
Stuart Bickel1:12:3652:31
Laura Horswill1:12:431:04:17
Ollie Hall1:12:4645:20
Lorraine Cerquella1:12:541:01:54
Jonathan Addison1:13:2142:07
Andrew Mc Taggart1:13:2255:43
David Money1:13:3557:29
Tammy Frias-Robles1:13:411:08:25
Andy Mills1:14:501:14:50
Val Waters1:15:2655:08
Doug Cramond1:15:4753:09


Results by time:

NameRun Time
John Bassinder36:08
Benjamin Williams37:16
Duncan Cooper38:35
Craig Stoakes38:42
Martin Sell40:56
Darren Moore41:45
Ross Telford42:04
Brett Stevens42:05
Jonathan Addison42:07
Kevin McGrory43:09
Wayne Dolman43:25
Reuben Skinner43:31
Andrew Lewis43:46
Kirstin Hay43:49
Andrew Street43:55
Stephen Hogarth44:04
Tony Peach44:50
Mike Hirst44:50
Damian Startin44:54
Mark Kennedy45:16
Ollie Hall45:20
Dale Holland45:43
Lesley Moore46:17
Kevin Roberts46:22
Jayne Offer47:41
Graham Filmer47:47
Neil Williams48:08
Kathryn Robson48:16
Matt Holman48:22
Donald Harper48:45
Jackie Godden49:29
Ben Pilley50:11
Kimberley Rowland51:18
Herve Tribouilloy51:29
Graham Stoakes51:55
Stuart Bickel52:31
Doug Cramond53:09
Nicola Sawyer53:57
Val Waters55:08
Celia Whitmarsh55:25
Zoe Houlton55:32
Andrew Mc Taggart55:43
Melanie Otway56:10
Maggie McGrory56:29
David Money57:29
Clare Julyan58:05
Steve Buller58:37
Angela Holland58:46
Kim Hunt1:00:49
Lorraine Cerquella1:01:54
Laura Horswill1:04:17
Tammy Frias-Robles1:08:25
Trisha Mills1:09:33
Andy Mills1:14:50


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