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Results: Sportshall 16th Feb 2019

By 18/02/2019Junior
Junior athletes at Poole AC

Poole AC Sportshall Club Championships

The results are published below.
Please note that we will be returning to training on the track on Saturday mornings on 2nd March 10.15 to 12.15
The last sportshall training session of this season will be 23rd March.


1 Lap
U11 GirlsTime Secs
1stNatasha Pestonji12.4
2ndMorgan Summerson-Watson13.4
3rdErin Langdale15.0
U11 BoysTime Secs
1stHarry Farley11.4
2ndHarry Williams12.4
3rdAlfie Curtis12.4
4thElouan Biwole12.5
5thMonty Spence14.0
U13 BoysTime Secs
1stAlex Harris12.4
2ndJonty Spence13.9
U15 GirlsTime Secs
1stSarah-Louise Hazel13.8
Speed Bounce
U11 GirlsBouncesPB
1stFreya Woollard75PB
2ndBeatrice Hamblin70PB
2ndNatasha Pestonji70PB
4thMorgan Summerson-Watson69PB
5thErin Langdale43PB
U11 BoysBouncesPB
1stThomas Farley70PB
2ndHarry Williams67PB
3rdIsaac Jose63PB
3rdOliver Harrison63PB
5thElouan Biwole62PB
6thDaniel Buckland61PB
Vertical Jump
U11 GirlsDistance cmPB
1stGeorgina Langdale33PB
Chest Push and Shot
Chest Push 1kg
U11 GirlsDistance mPB
1stFreya Woollard5.24
2ndErin Langdale3.21PB
U11 BoysDistance mPB
1stHarry Farley5.61PB
2ndOliver Harrison5.05PB
3rdMonty Spence4.51
4thIsaac Jose4.35PB
Shot 3kg
U13 BoysDistance mPB
1stJonty Spence4.75
U15 GirlsDistance mPB
1stNiamh Kirwin9.80PB
Standing Triple Jump
U11 GirlsDistance mPB
1stMorgan Summerson-Watson5.01PB
U11 BoysDistance mPB
1stThomas Farley5.40
2ndDaniel Buckland4.35
U13 GirlsDistance mPB
1stJaya Collinson5.93PB
U13 BoysDistance mPB
1stAlex Harris5.78
U15 GirlsDistance mPB
1stNiamh Kirwin6.65
2ndSarah-Louise Hazel5.13PB
Standing Long Jump
U11 GirlsDistance mPB
1stBeatrice Hamblin1.82
2ndNatasha Pestonji1.73PB
3rdGeorgina Langdale1.45
U11 BoysDistance mPB
1stHarry Williams1.87PB
2ndAlfie Curtis1.78PB
3rdThomas Farley1.67PB
4thOliver Harrison1.52PB
U13 GirlsDistance mPB
1stJaya Collinson2.01
U13 BoysDistance mPB
1stAlex Harris2.15PB
U15 GirlsDistance mPB
1stSarah-Louise Hazel1.71PB=
1+1 Lap relay
U11 GirlsTime Secs
1stBeatrice Hamblin and Natasha Pestonji26.2
2ndGeorgina Langdale and Morgan Summerson-Watson27.0
U15 GirlsTime Secs
1stNiamh Kirwin and Sarah-Louise Hazel25.8
4 laps
U11 GirlsTime Secs
1stFreya Woollard57.2
2ndGeorgina Langdale58.8
U11 BoysTime Secs
1stHarry Farley51.4
2ndThomas Farley52.5
3rdIsaac Jose55.1
U13 GirlsTime Secs
1stJaya Collinson55.6
U15 GirlsTime Secs
1stNiamh Kirwin56.4
2 laps
U11 GirlsTime Secs
1stBeatrice Hamblin25.9
2ndMorgan Summerson-Watson27.2
3rdErin Langdale30.4
U11 BoysTime Secs
1stThomas Farley23.8
2ndAlfie Curtis24.3
3rdHarry Williams25.0
4thOllie Nyathi26.6
5thIsaac Jose26.7
6thOliver Harrison27.6
7thDaniel Buckland28.1
8thMonty Spence28.4
U13 GirlsTime Secs
1stJaya Collinson25.0
U13 BoysTime Secs
1stAlex Harris25.3
2ndJonty Spence28.3
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