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Results: Summer Series Club Mile 2018

By 29/08/2018May 10th, 2022Senior
Lesley Moore at Summer Series

Midges, flies and other biting insects. It was a great turn out for the last summer series event of the year, the annual club mile at Poole Park. It was also great to see a few others from our other local friendly clubs. Well done everyone and big thanks to Steve Cook for pacing all three events helping many of you achieve PBs.

Race 1

1Andrezj Bubez06:45
2Artur Majewski07:06
3Jason Hepple07:08
4Phil Audrain07:21
5Vanya Ritchie07:29
6Stuart Bickel07:35
7Zoe Houlton07:40
8Susie Matthews07:42
9Celia Whitmarsh07:44
10Steve Buller07:45
11Tina Stoakes07:49
12Eve Filmer08:16
13Laura Horswill08:19
14Kim Hunt08:56
15Andy Mills09:49
16Maria McDonough10:01
17Lisa Newton10:20

Race 2

1Ben Pilley05:54
2Rajiv Solanki06:00
3Dan Moors06:03
4Gavin Wright06:09
5Chris Bradshaw06:10
6Richard Saunders06:11
7Graham Filmer06:13
8Karl Parry06:16
9Steve Kelly06:18
10Benji Williams06:24
11Clare Snape06:25
12Sarah Audrain06:30
13Howard Brierley06:31
14Kat Smart06:32
15Paul Whitmarsh06:37
16Neil Williams06:39
17Matthew Downer06:40
18Brian Long06:43
19Jane Neil06:44
20Kathryn Robson06:45
21Emma Jones06:56
22Dave Williams06:58
23Jayne Offer07:02

Race 3

1Jacek Cielsuskecki04:45
2Duncan Cooper05:14
3Gareth Hale05:23
4Trevor Elkins05:25
5Garry Tissington05:29
6Reuben Skinner05:36
7Simon Hayter05:37
8Paul Lane05:39
9Tim Fudge05:42
10Steve Hogarth05:43
11Becky Rendell05:51
12Rich Meston05:53
13Kevin McGrory05:56
14Brett Stevens05:57
15John Lees05:58
16Stuart Newman06:00
17Lesley Moore06:17


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