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Results: Track & Field 12th – 27th June 2021

By 24/06/2021July 1st, 2021Junior
Poole AC Junior Athletes

Dorset Schools Champs, 12th and 19th June

The following are the results of Poole AC members in Part 1 (Flat Track + 3 Field) staged by DSAA at Ashdown on a hot Saturday, June 12th.  (Note that for the schools, u20 = Senior; u17 = Intermediate; u15 = Junior; u13 = Minor.)  Seven boys’ champions! Eight girls’ champions! Well done all!  Especially Fleur extending her U20W TJ record!

U20M 100m.FinalGeorge Crouch1/711.1PB
U20M 100m.FinalLiam Nixon211.1PB
U20M 200m.FinalGeorge Crouch1/622.6PB
U20M 200m.FinalLiam Nixon223.2
U20M 200m.FinalReuben Cornwell628.2PB
U17M 100m.Heat 1Callum Moore3/512.4PB
U17M 100m.Heat 2Daniel Sanchez3/511.8SB
U17M 100m.Heat 2Louis Bourke412.1PB
U17M 100m.FinalLouis Bourke6/712PB
U17M 200m.Heat 1Callum Moore1/424.7PB
U17M 200m.FinalCallum Moore5/524.8
U17M 400m.FinalTristan Green4/656.2PB
U17M 800m.FinalWilliam Rabjohns1/51-59.1PB
U17M 3000m.FinalEdward Bird1/38-43.8PB
U17M 3000m.FinalMark Ruby28-55.8
U17M JavelinFinalHarry Midgley1/649.53m.
U15B 1500m.FinalHenry Cornish1/134-27.5
U15B 1500m.FinalLeo Riggs44-46.4PB
U15B JavelinFinalHarley Taylor1/126.53m.PB
U13B 100m.Heat 1Elouan Biwole2/313.6PB
U13B 100m.Heat 3Zachary Richings1/413.7PB
U13B 100m.Heat 3Finley Lewin315PB
U13B 100m.FinalZachary Richings2/813.5PB
U13B 100m.FinalElouan Biwole313.8
U13B 200m.Heat 2Finley Lewin5/531.8PB
U13B 1500m.FinalOliver Harrison5/75-21.2PB
U13B JavelinFinalEthan Crowley1/527.47m.
U13B JavelinFinalElouan Biwole319.90m.PB
U20W 400m.FinalHeidi Taylor2/361.1PB
U20W 800m.FinalAshia Wilson1/52-21.6
U20W 800m.FinalCamilla Brown32-29.7
U20W 1500m.FinalEmily Parker1/54-35.6
U20W 1500m.FinalFern Kimber24-38.7PB
U20W Triple JumpFinalFleur Mansell1/211.49m.Club Record
U20W DiscusFinalNiamh Kirwin1/223.24m.
U17W 100m.FinalLeah Watts1/512.9PB
U17W 100m.FinalJasmine Wilson514.1PB
U17W 200m.FinalLeah Watts2/426.5PB
U17W 300m.FinalCharlotte Smith8/849.5PB
U15G 100m.Heat 2Elizabeth Dawson2/513.7PB
U15G 100m.Heat 3Elizabeth Richley1/513.4PB
U15G 100m.Heat 3Jasmine Sargeant214.1
U15G 100m.Heat 4Tadi Gundu3/514.2
U15G 100m.Final AElizabeth Richley5/813.5
U15G 100m.Final AElizabeth Dawson814
U15G 100m.Final BTadi Gundu3/813.8PB
U15G 100m.Final BJasmine Sargeant714.1
U15G 200m.Heat 2Jaya Collinson1/626.8
U15G 200m.Heat 3Lexi Lewin5/628.8PB
U15G 200m.Heat 4Faye Ball5/631.9PB
U15G 200m.FinalJaya Collinson1/626.3PB
U15G 300m.FinalJaya Collinson2/742.9
U15G 300m.FinalElizabeth Dawson545.9PB
U15G 300m.FinalLexi Lewin646.1PB
U15G 1500m.FinalLexie Brown5/185-03.2
U15G 1500m.FinalPoppy Overton75-27.8PB
U15G 1500m.FinalGeorgina Langdale105-35.4PB
U15G 1500m.FinalIsla McPhail115-39.0PB
U13G 100m.Heat 1Beatrice Hamblin1/514.2PB
U13G 100m.Heat 1Polly Evans314.4PB
U13G 100m.Heat 2Mahlia-Pia Johnson3/515.3PB
U13G 100m.Heat 3Natasha Pestonji1/514.2PB
U13G 100m.FinalNatasha Pestonji1/813.9PB
U13G 100m.FinalBeatrice Hamblin214PB
U13G 100m.FinalPolly Evans414.3PB
U13G 200m.Heat 1Polly Evans1/430.3PB
U13G 200m.FinalPolly Evans1/629.7PB
U13G JavelinFinalLexie Taylor2/314.82m.PB

On 19th June, there were nine more Poole AC champions!

U15B 800Henry Cornish1/152-04.4PB
U15B 800Thomas Farley52-20.7PB
U15B 800Robert Taylor92-30.7PB
U13B 800Oliver Harrison3/172-32.9PB
U13B 800Finley Lewin132-49.1PB
U15G 800Lexie Brown2/192-25.8PB
U15G 800Freya Woollard62-33.7
U15G 800Lexi Lewin112-38.7PB
U13G 800Polly Evans7/152-48.9PB
U13G 70HHeat 1. Beatrice Hamblin1/413.3
U13G 70HHeat 2. Lexie Taylor2/413.8SB
U13G 70HFINAL. Beatrice Hamblin2/612.9PB
U13G 70HFINAL. Lexie Taylor313.3PB=
U13B 75HZachary Richings1/413.9PB
U15B 80HJosh Baker2/315.3Fell & finished!
U20W 400HHeidi Taylor1/266.9PB
U17M HJJack Evans1/21.75mPB
U20W HJNiamh Kirwin1/11.35m.
U17W HJElizabeth Shute1/31.45m.PB
U17W HJSafia Stacey21.45m.SB
U17M LJLouis Bourke3/45.39m.PB
U13B LJAlfie Curtis2/134.45m.PB
U17W LJGeorgina Stokes1/45.08m.
U15G LJEmma Brown Araujo2/144.40m.PB
U15G LJFaye Ball93.61m.SB
U13G LJBeatrice Hamblin1/164.00m.
U13G LJLexie Taylor93.59m.PB
U15B ShotAlex Bourne7/86.18m.SB
U20W ShotNiamh Kirwin1/18.72m.PB

Wessex Match 1, 13th June

We ranked 4th in the match and 3rd in QuadKids, in the latter with just five athletes.  (We are allowed eight boys and eight girls in these QK competitions. It’s brilliant all-round experience for the u11s.)  So our five did:

Name75m.(Pts)600m.(Pts)LJ (Pts)Howler (Pts)TotalComment
Jemima Chetwood11.73 (522-00.0 (703.48m. (52)25.37m. (50)2241/27 girls
Lumen Myers12.75 (422-26.2 (433.03m. (37)22.29m. (44)1667/27
Charlie Evans11.07 (592-10.4 (593.49m. (53)18.82m. (37)2085/21 boys
Charlie Harrison12.43 (452-02.8 (673.14m. (41)17.21m. (34)18711/21
Jonah Richings11.38 (562-09.4 (603.52m. (54)25.20m. (50)22004/21

So well done, all, especially Jemima leading the competition!  You have to average 50 points per event to score 200 and that is a very good standard at which to aim initially.

U13B 100AZachary Richings1/513.75
U13B 100BAlfie Curtis2/314.87PB
U13B 100N/SOliver Harrison15.56PB
U13B 200AZachary Richings2/528.82PB
U13B 200BAlfie Curtis1/230.61PB
U13B 200N/SCameron Wicks32.86PB
U13B 800AOliver Harrison2/52-33.92PB
U13B 1500ACameron Wicks4/55-23.21PB
U13B 4x100Ethan/Ollie/Zach/Alfie2/460.91
U13B LJAAlfie Curtis1/44.31m.
U13B LJBElouan Biwole1/33.66m.PB
U13B LJN/SZachary Richings4.39m.
U13B JavelinAEthan Crowley1/428.72m.
U13B JavelinBElouan Biwole1/318.54m.
U15B 100ACaleb Cheng1/412.39PB
U15B 100BJoseph Power4/414.34PB
U15B 200ACaleb Cheng1/425.65PB
U15B LJACaleb Cheng1/44.99m.PB
U15B LJBOscar Ewen Matthews1/34.79m.
U15B Shot PuttAJoseph Power3/33.36m.PB
U17M JavelinAHarry Midgley152.74Club Record
U13G 100ABeatrice Hamblin3/514.36
U13G 100BMahlia-Pia Johnson4/515.26PB
U13G 200ABeatrice Hamblin3/529.2PB
U13G 200BPolly Evans4/530.1PB
U13G 800APolly Evans4/52-54.40PB
U13G 1200AAmelia Drew4/44-26.75PB
U13G 70HABeatrice Hamblin2/313.25PB
U13G 4x100Amelia/M-P/Polly/Bea3/460.94
U15G 100AMorgan Summerson-Watson4/417.1SB
U15G 300AFreya Woollard3/348.37PB
U15G 800AFreya Woollard3/32-31.95PB
U15G LJAFreya Woollard3/33.73m.SB
U15G LJBMorgan Summerson-Watson3/32.83m.SB
U15G Shot PuttAMorgan Summerson-Watson3/35.00m.PB
U17W LJAGeorgina Stokes2/35.30m.PB
U20W ShotGeorgina Stokes8.57m.
U20W DiscusGeorgina Stokes23.22m.
U20W HJGeorgina Stokes1.40m.PB

Adam Booth – Southern  and English U20M 400H Champion

Last weekend  (12-13th June), at Bedford, Adam Booth contested the M 400m hurdles event in the South of England AA Championships.  On Saturday he won Heat 1 easily in 54.28.  So on Sunday, despite (in his words) “demolishing the fourth hurdle”, he won comfortably in 51.98, again breaking the qualifying time of 52.00 for the Euro Junior 400mH in Slovenia soon.  The amazing flat 400m time of 48.01 he achieved at Tonbridge the previous weekend has also earned him a place in the GB Junior 4 x 400m squad in the same Euro Junior Meeting.

* To cap his Southern victory last weekend, on 20th June Adam Booth surpassed that by winning, very comfortably, the English U20M 400m hurdles Championship in Bedford!  He won Heat 1 in 55.64, from three other competitors.   In the afternoon, starting from lane 4 and leading by half-way, he pushed on and left the other six competing for second place! His time of 51.47 is another PB, another Club Record and further proof of his Euro-standard consistency!

Southern League (SAL) Match 1 on 20th June

This was a Team Dorset Match for those members of Dorchester AC, Wimborne AC and Poole AC aged 15 or over.  (In throws, senior implements have to be used.)  A good turn-out of athletes competed against the hosts, Bournemouth AC and Salisbury AC.

You will see that several athletes each contested a wide range of events:

M/W/ EventNamePos/PerformanceWind?Comment
M100 BLiam Nixon u201/411.350.3
n/sMarcus Pidgley14.870.3T37 SB
W100 ARosey Smythe4/513.090PB
W100 BLeah Watts u171/413.150
n/sLizzy Grose15.211SB
n/sElizabeth Le Rossignol17.81PB
M200 BLiam Nixon u201/4231.5PB
n/sMarcus Pidgley31.451.5SB
W200 ARosey Smythe4/427.10PB
W200 BLeah Watts u171/326.790.1
n/sElizabeth Le Rossignol37.920.1PB
W400 AAshia Wilson u202/360.9PB
W400 BHeidi Taylor u201/161.51
M800 AJamie Grose1/31-57.77SB
M800 BJosh Smith u201/31-58.63PB
M1500 AEdward Bird u171/43-59.63PB
M1500 BBen Gibbons1/43-59.54
W1500 AFern Kimber u201/44-38.01PB
W1500 BEmma Stahr1/24-42.86PB
WHJ ANiamh Kirwin u204/41.35m.
MPV BReuben Cornwell u202/32.40m.PB
MLJ n/sReuben Cornwell u204.78m.PB
WLJ AGeorgina Stokes u174/54.93m.
M Shot BMarcus Pidgley1/27.15m.T37 PB
W Shot ANiamh Kirwin u204/58.80m.PB
W Discus ANiamh Kirwin u204/522.04m.
M Hammer BReuben Cornwell u203/38.91m.PB

Congrats to Ryan on a Top-Five Euro Triathlon finish in Austria

On Thursday 24th June, Ryan Symington was the lone Junior (u19) Man representing GB in the Europe Triathlon Championships Aquathlon in a warm Walchsee, Austria.  This version involves swimming 1000m outdoors, no wetsuit, plus a transition, plus a 5.1 km run.   Times of 12-03, then 31 secs in transition, followed by a 16-41 run gave him a finish in 29-15.   This ranked him 5th of the 30 triathletes from over 15 countries.

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